Monday, September 17, 2007

Freefloating Thoughts

Before Hillary there was Bill. Before Monica Lewinsky, there was Whitewater. Is there a family pattern? I cringe at the though of Bill being in the White House with nothing to do and time on his post presidential power. "Intern this, sweetie; have a cigar." The libs are pushing for free health care. As the oft mentioned meme implies, "If you think health care is expensive now, wait until it is free." Not only "free" but unobtainable! I live in northern Minnesota and the largest "out-of-state" population of patients come from Canada. They come here because they can not be seen in their nanny-state health care system in a timely manner. They pay cash and are not looking for a freebie. There have many articles and documentaries regarding the care provided for veterans. The VA system is the largest HMO in the world. It is run by the government. On a good day it is overwhelmed and a Charlie Foxtrot. Thanks to congress, it is funded less than the annual COL. Does a loss in annual income for an HMO provide for the best medical staff? No, it does not! Think about it. If you were a medical professional, trying to pay off student loans and support a family, would you want to be employed by an agency that will pay you less each year than what it costs to remain at you current economic level? Take a look at the names of some of the professionals that are employed as medical staff at a VA medical center. Each year less names are from the Western Hemisphere. Most of the professionals are very competent, but where are the American born? There is one VA medical center that I deal with that would do well to have the person, that answers the main switchboard, speak and understand American English, without an accent; not ask me to speak more clearly! I have some words for affirmative action for immigrants and none of them are kind! If the government can not provide all of the needed care for our heroes, multiply that up to 300 million plus the illegals. I have no problem, and consider it a privilege, to help pay for any medical care for our military. To provide free health care for those who are here illegally is an abomination of our country. As often stated, "A nation that can not secure its borders ceases to be a nation."
/end rant

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