Monday, September 17, 2007

It may come as some suprise:

But Hillary Clinton's campaign has been drug further into the mud by more campaign finance scandal. Sought after by the IRS and both the state and city of New York, sued by the FDIC, and hounded by Indian banks (dot, not feather!) who accuse him of committing bank fraud, Sant Chatwal has been exposed as having gathered more than 5$ million dollars for her campaign.

Is it just me, or is this the second (so far...) criminal that has been exposed as gathering dirty cash for the Clintons? This is the same family, of course, that doesn't consider a blow-job a sexual encounter, so perhaps they didn't really think that bank fraud and tax violations, or money laundering and fleeing justice were all that bad characteristics for their friends to have.

Oh, and I was wondering... wasn't this also from the party that so strongly wanted campaign finance reform? Hmmm.

I was also noticing that a lot--and I mean millions--of Billary's seem to be coming to her from foreign nationals. Doesn't that concern you? Do we really want our Chief Executive taking marching order from the Chinese or Indians?

How is it that America is so asleep that they aren't noticing the snow-job they are getting from these weenies? That is, of course, excluding John Edwards... we all know he squats to pee.

Well, that was just some Monday ranting to get the week going. Looks like someone has a case of The Mondays.

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