Friday, September 7, 2007

Mr. Thompson Speaks Out About Osama

“Apparently, Osama bin Laden has crawled out of his cave long enough to send another video, and he is getting a lot of attention and ought to be caught and killed.

“We also need to understand that when he is caught and killed, somebody will replace him.

“We like to personalize things in this country, sometimes a little too much. Somebody will replace him. He represents the fact that we are in a global conflict and are going to be for some time.

“The most important part of how we deal with that has to deal with the resolution of the American people and political leaders.”

Mr. Thompson said this while on the road in Iowa, and I would like to credit his website, for supplying the quote.

I would like to add my voice to his:

I have to absolutely agree with Mr. Thompson. Unless we as a country can demonstrate that we have the guts to stick out this idealogical struggle against barbarism and savagery until it is through, we will fail, and the world will become a dark place.

So, when are we through? Lord willing, there will be a day when we can relax a little, breathe a little easier, and tell our children about the challenges our generation faced. However, it is more likely that we will continue this struggle, and pass it on to our children. If history teaches us anything, its that the forces of evil men are constantly trying to erode the borders of civilization.

We cannot for a minute let down our guard. We cannot for a minute allow the enemy to gain the momentum. We must gain and stay in control of the struggle, or we will lose that which we hold most dear–our freedom.

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