Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Norman Hsu in the news

I have to admit that I wasn't shocked to hear about the campaign finance scandal that is plaguing The Ice Queen's (Hillary's) efforts. With a little warning about Hsu, she could have avoided all this bad press. If she had only heard this story about him that ran recently in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

Norman Hsu recently defaulted on a bid to buy the embattled Pennsylvania Turnpike. In a private bidding war, Hsu was able to submit the winning bid of just over 535 million dollars, this past Thursday, under an assumed name sources claim. After the winning bid was announced, the search was on for the buyer. After days of pouring through records, they finally were able to answer who had won the bid. So if you were wondering for whom the toll sells, it sells to Hsu.

Okay, I made that up. The PPG would never publish that. :)


Nicko McDave said...

Welcome to the political blogosphere! It's always good to see another blog that identifies the Psychosis-Gazette for the tool that it is.

Sean said...

Thanks Nicko! It's already been a blast setting up the site. Please stop back from time to time--and be sure to tell your friends. And try the veal.