Friday, September 21, 2007

Second Amendment and Other Concerns

Tom Goldstein at SCOTUSbolg has some serious points to ponder. What concerned me were:

"There is in fact the genuine prospect that the Court will hold (potentially by a five-to-four vote each time) that the government may ban the possession of pistols (possibly guns altogether, if there is no individual Second Amendment right), that child rapists cannot be executed, that certain federal legislation regulating child pornography is unconstitutional, that the Administration's treatment of alleged terrorists is unlawful, and that sentences for crack cocaine should be reduced. In that entirely realistic scenario, it is conservatives who will be aggressively using the Court as a rallying cry - in particular, the cry of the urgent need to move the Court a single seat to the right with the likely retirement of Justice Stevens - in the 2008 election."

It is the possibility that the reinterpretation of the Second Amendment that concerns me the most. What happens if is re-interpreted. Perhaps the next requirement would be to put a sign on our lawns stating that we do not have a weapon.

"If guns are outlawed, only..."

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