Monday, October 29, 2007

An Addendum To Sean G's Post

The USS Porter (DDG 78) is an Arliegh Burke class Ageis destroyer, thus it is hardly a chase to catch the pirates. The USS Porter can track and destroy multiple targets without working up a sweat. If the USS Porter was ordered to take out any pirate craft it could be accomplished with any number of weapons. At a speed that is 30+ mph (not to mention LAMPS helicopters) it has the advantage over any commercial vessel which is rarely rated more than 20 mph. I can just imagine a pirate that just had his skiffs blown out of the water that were being towed by the same craft that he had just hijacked. The look on his face seeing the USS Porter pulling upside and giving him the finger must be priceless. We'll see what happens tomorrow. No use running; no where to hide. At least it will make for a less mundane time for the night watch. By the way, with our superior naval power why do we need permission to enter any water of a nation that only has skiffs for naval vessels?

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Sean G said...

mainly to be polite... its like asking to cut across your neighbor's yard to chase your dog.