Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Congressional Defeatists and Moonbat Vets

Apparently, it isn't bad enough that the Democrat Moonbats in Congress do not have the ability to read a transcript of Mr. Limbaugh's post, but now, some leftist group of ass-hats has decided to make a YouTube video of it here.

To warn you, this group of moonbats, called VoteVets.org, like the Democrats and the MoveOn.org weenies that fund them, are also bereft of the ability to read a simple transcript. Apparently, they also don't listen to a program that they are feeling free to criticize.

Now, granted, unlike the maker of the video, I have not sustained a severe head wound. But it is clear that it has left his ability to read quite intact, as he is clearly reading off a prepared propaganda slide. So why hasn't he read the transcript of what Mr. Limbaugh really said?

Like the Democraps are, he's simply taking the opportunity, falsely based as it is, to lash out in an attempt to silence a person who has done great service not only to our entire country, but specifically to our men and women in uniform, and our veterans, of which I am one.

This vicious slander--and slander it is, as it is clearly false and defaming--reeks of revenge, and can only come back to haunt them.

Why is it that any time the Democrats or their liberal cronies are out of arguments and reason (things that they were never in great supply of anyhow) they resort to the ad hominem?

Michelle Malkin is also talking about this. Check it out.

What I'm concerned about is this: What is Congress trying to sneak past us while we are distracted by this Wagging of the Dog? More unwanted immigrations bills? The shipwreck known as the Law of the Sea Treaty? Keep your eyes peeled.

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