Monday, October 22, 2007

Has Fred Embraced The Suck?

Long before he declared his candidacy for president, I had preconceived expectations for Fred Thompson. He seemed to have a down-to-earth manner that seemed real. He could look you in the eye and tell you where the bear shat in the buckwheat. Fred seemed to have a no nonsense aura about him that seemed to give a sense of comfort and safety. It was the sort of feeling that told me he would be the one to beat up the bully on the block and the rest of us would be safe; our troops would be supported, Islamofacist terrorists would be dealt with, our borders would be secure, and a more Federalist approach to government would evolve. Since he officially entered the run for president he has not really distinguished himself from the other candidates. Actually, he has seemed to lack the enthusiasm that would attract voters with a mindset that is similar to mine. Is it time for an intervention? In a Letter To Fred, Redstate network has some suggestions that would help Fred become a more viable candidate. Hopefully, someone in his campaign committee will see this and take it to heart.

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