Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Let's Talk Turkey

So, what, precisely, is Congress trying to pull this time? Just as soon as so much overwhelming progress is being shown in Iraq that the liberal MSM is finally reporting what independent journalists like Micheal Yon have been telling us for months, they attempt to torpedo our efforts by poisoning our relationship with one of our closest allies in the region.

You know, I thought it was kind of suspicious that hints of success had started to get published. I'm pretty sure that it was a cover for what Congress is really trying to do. It's kind of a "Wag-the Dog" to keep us from noticing that they are just trying to be sneaking in defeating their own country. Turkey, NATO partner since 1952--long before they started letting in anyone with a pulse--is currently our major supply line into Iraq. They have recently recalled their ambassador because Congress is trying to pass a resolution to condemn a genocide that occurred 90 years ago.

That's right. 90 years ago. No one in Congress even has a living memory of the event. It happened when my Grandfather, rest his soul, was only 7. It has gone this long un-condemned, this is not the right time for Congress to get a conscience--they have been operating more or less without one since 1776. Why start now? All it can possibly do is derail some of our efforts in Iraq.

They have failed to sabotage funding for the War on Terror. They have failed to pressure the President in backing down and pulling the troops out prematurely and irresponsibly. So, now they turn to subterfuge. We should hardly be surprised by this tactic coming from individuals who think that taking money from Norman Hsu is a keen idea.

Was the Armenian Genocide a deplorable, almost unimaginable evil on the scale of the Holocaust? Yes, in my opinion it is. Is now the right time to push through this resolution? No. People with a conscience don't need the government to pass a resolution to tell us that mass murder is wrong. I would even go so far as to say that since we know its wrong, and we also know it's history that our government has better things to do than to go around passing non-binding resolutions that do nothing more than grind the faces of foreign governments in the dirt of their past problems. We would be upset if the Turks passed a resolution condemning our treatment of the Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears, I would imagine.

I urge you to write your Congressmen and tell them to spend a little more time fixing America's problems and a little less time trying to apologize for history.

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Anonymous said...

This comment is more a reaction to Turkey's resolution today than the BS pulled by Pelosi and pals, though that resolution may have caused the Turks to make theirs.

I generally support a free and independent Kurdistan, but right now is not the right time. Even knowing that national borders in that part of the world are mostly just lines on the map; the peoples are more tribal than national, its just the wrong time.

Every thing seemed to be going great in Kurdistan, but the truth is is that the PPK has been nibbling away the whole time. And not just in Turkey, but in Iran too. Iran has shelled the region in Iraq several times and the US has done nothing. Right now I'm blaming the PPK/Kurds just as much as the Turks. I do not know how the average Kurdish person feels about PPK, but if they enjoy even moderate under the table support than we are screwed.

Think about it: if Turkey invades and the US has to choose sides WE LOSE. If the US tries to avoid the whole mess by partitioning a Kurdish zone, then the rest of Iraq falls apart and WE LOSE.

There had better be some damned effective diplomacy to settle this down, but I'm not betting on it. A PPK flare up would draw in Turkey, Syria, and Iran, and with 2 1/2 of those countries being US enemies it could get out of control in a second.