Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Okay, this is just too much...

Jimmy "I like Peanuts" Carter, definitely in the running for the worst president in the history of the United States of America, has referred to Vice President Cheney as "a disaster" and "militant".

I suppose that it takes a living, breathing disaster to know one. If one recalls correctly, his administration was responsible for the 444 day hostage crisis in Iran, not one, but two failed military rescue attempts (Operation Eagle Claw and Operation Credible Support), we were plagued by massive fuel shortages, increased the size of the government by creating the Dept. of Energy and Education, lost the Panama Canal, has filed a UFO sighting, a prime lending rate as high as 21%, increased payroll taxes, 12% inflation, and unemployment at 8% (remember the "Misery Index"? It was over 20 with Carter).

I would even put forth the opinion that the timidity shown by Carter while POTUS has actually led to the emboldened terrorists of today.

Compare this with the current Bush administration, whose running average on the Misery Index is 7.98 (with a current index of 6.57) compared to Carter's average of 16.27

So, which administration is a disaster? I would like to recommend that Mr. Carter heads back to his peanut farm or go back to Habitat For Humanity.

For that matter, why is he even relevant any more?


Jim said...

And wasn't he beaten up by a rabbit, once?

Old Man said...

At least the Navy named a sub after him (SSN-23). Very appropriate, I think. It is designed to be stealthy and attack without notice. The biggest difference is that SSN-23 is not designed to attack its own country.