Saturday, November 24, 2007

Coming Soon! Links to Get your Concealed Weapon Permit

Using most recently published state population data from the US Census bureau:
64.1% of the US population lives in "Right To Carry" (Vermont, Alaska & 35"Shall Issue") states,
28.1% in "Right Restricted" (9"May Issue") states, and
7.8% in "Right Denied" (4) states

Soon we hope to be providing links to as many States as possible that allow its residents to actually exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

I would like to encourage EVERY non-felon to apply for and receive their CWP (Concealed Weapon Permit). At the very least it shows numbers. Numbers mean support and thus when "they" come for our liberties, by first coming for our gun laws and then coming for our guns.... if "they" see large numbers of people with CWPs then maybe (just maybe) "they" will be swayed.

Okay maybe not, as they are beholden to the Anti-Gun lobbyist, but numbers count for something. "They" are more apt to attack a law and rights (such as ability to carry a concealed weapon) if there appears to be little support for it. If millions have their CWPs in all the states that allow for them - then that shows support.

Contrary to liberal thinking - might CAN make right and the show of strength often DOES deflect aggression by bullies.

Here is an Example of what we wish to provide to encourage appling for your CWP:





West Virginia

more to come as we do the research....

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