Thursday, November 8, 2007

Will Sarkozy Destroy Freedom Fries?

There has been a lot on the Internet and the MSM about the visit of Nicolas Sarkozy. He is the first French president to have any clue as to what America has contributed to the freedom of Western Europe. Without the United States, the French would be speaking German. Sarkozy, is the son of a French mother, of Jewish linage, and a father who immigrated to France when Hungary was invaded by the USSR. If California can have a person born in Austria as governor, France can certainly have a person that is the son of a Hungarian. Sarkozy is well educated and seems to be sincere in his statements about the reunification of civility between the United States and France. He pulled no punches during his campaign and stated that he wanted change for his country. The The Capital Hill Broadcasting Network offers a video clip of Newt Gingrich making a few interesting and supportive statements about Sarkozy’s book “Testamony.” The book was written during Sarkozy’s campaign. Fox News Channel gushes in this short video. It is only fair to give him the American “benefit of the doubt” until he proves otherwise. I actually wrote this without once using the word ‘frog!” I must be a bit impressed with him.

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