Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fabio, A Conservative Man’s Man?

I have had some opinions about a person who seems to have made a living out of beefcake and romance novels; most of them cynical and degrading. This article gave me some insights into Fabio of which I was not aware. With more information, opinions can change. Fabio seems to have a lot of conservative thoughts, not egocentric, enjoys life, and scorns Hollyweird stars. He lauds America as the place that allowed him achieve all that he has earned. Beefcake idol, though he is, he exudes a conservative attitude and belief system that is not often found in California. I only find fault with his reasoning and choice for the upcoming election.

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Sean G said...

and despite all of this, my favorite thing about Fabio is that he was once hit in the face with a goose while riding Apollo's Chariot at Bush Gardens Williamsburg :)