Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Marines!

I know its a day early, but I'm deer hunting tomorrow (suck it Libs--walking around with a gun AND killing cute animals!) so I wanted to be sure I expressed my appreciation.

Today's post is a collage of Marine recruiting posters. I know I was a squid, but if my son grew up to be a Marine, I'd be just as proud of him :)

Warning Guidon's

Franklin said that "Rattle-Snakes" don’t seek to cause you harm.
But mess with one and you will find out just how well they’re armed.

DON’T TREAD ON ME, it plainly says, for all the world to see,
This yellow flag of Gadsden, come down thru history.

And don’t forget the famous red and white-striped naval jack,
It has an outstretched viper, with diamonds on its back.

These two flags, born long ago, before the fight was won,
Were warning guidon’s held aloft, by liberty’s young sons.

Courageous, visible symbols of the unanimous Declaration.
"Self-evident truths", held by those, desiring a separate nation.

The United States of America, grew from the colonies.
Now from Atlantic to Pacific shores, every inch is the land of the free.

Since Seventeen-hundred Seventy-five, when first these flags unfurled,
We’ve shown our strength and will to fight, the enemies of this world.

The "sleeping giant", once again, has risen to fight back.
Our Navy ships, throughout the world, fly the stri – ped jack.

And soldiers on Iraqi sand, or Afghan mountain sides,
Wave DTOM Jacks or Gadsden flags, no fear is in their eyes.

So hoist up high a "rattle-snake", on freedom’s every breeze,
To show support, for all of those, defending liberty.

Ken B. Harper
13 June 2006
© 2007 Ken B. Harper

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