Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) and why its a crappy idea...

This treaty, being pushed for by the White House, and bolstered by a 17-4 vote of approval by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is expected to come up for a Senate ratification before the end of the month.

This is the same U.N. treaty dismissed by Ronald Reagan more than 20 years ago; and would put us under governing authority of an international body, put our sovereignty and military at risk and subject us to direct taxation by the U.N!

The biggest reason to adopt LOST, cited by its proponents is that it guarantees navigation rights. Well, the U.S. doesn't need the treaty to ensure navigation rights. No, this isn't another talk about how bad-ass our navy is--though it IS more powerful than the next several navies combined. The simple truth is, we enjoy navigation rights by customary international practice. The fact that we are not a convention member does not mean that other states will begin to demand notification by U.S. ships entering their waters or airspace. We are not a signatory to the convention today and still have freedom of the seas because current participants of LOST are required to grant the U.S. navigation rights afforded by customary international practice. In addition, these states have reciprocal interests in navigation rights that will discourage them from making such demands on American ships in the future. [Spring, etc. 2007]

This would also ensure that 2/3 of the world's surface gets turned over to the U.N. General Assembly who would be responsible for any resource distribution, dispute resolution and arbitration, and enforcement. Keep in mind that most of the General Assembly is comprised of the 3rd world. Do we really want to turn over 2/3 of the world's surface over to administration by the 3rd world? They're doing such a swell job with what they have, after all--wouldn't it be fun to give a bunch of banana republics like Venezuela and Little Stalin Chavez a chance to even the score with us?

This doesn't even begin the list of reasons its a bad idea. Here are a few more: It opens up U.S. companies' trade secrets to foreign competitors, prevents our navy from gathering intelligence, the LOST is a enviro-weenie's wet dream--read that as crippling to our economy, and best of all, gets us involved with another U.N. bureaucracy--they do so much so well... just look at how effective their sanctions are.

Worst of all, this hinders the sovereignty of our country and is a step closer to a world government.

If you write or call your Congressmen about anything for the rest of the year, this should be it. Give 'em a call--you can actually dial the Capitol Building switchboard or their state office directly. Let them know that you think LOST is just that--a LOST Cause!

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