Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The UN - A Rant

(I started to reply to Sean's post about the LOST treaty. I wasn't successful in an appropriate reply because it turned into a rant. Rants can be informative. If not informative, they can be cleansing. Therefore I offer my rant.)

The UN has not had a concern for its major funding source since its bastardly birth. It seems that a favorite pastime of the UN is to label the US as a major offender of human rights and imperialistic motives. Never mind that the US gives the UN the right to exist in its current form, will bail out their decrepit counties in time of trouble, and is the largest donor of humanistic aid in the time of a disaster. There used to be signs in farmer's fields and on billboards screaming "Get The US Out Of The UN. Most of these were attributed to John Birchers, a far right fringe group that was active during my late formative years. Today they would be Ron Paul supporters. These signs have seemed to have disappeared. The last one I saw was west of Fond du Lac, WI on Hwy 23 about eight years ago. In one of Tom Clancy's Op-Center novels he wrote about a hostage situation at the UN. He mentioned a monument honoring the victims of Hiroshima and wondered where the monument to Pearl Harbor was. The only use, IMHO, for the UN, is that the US can keep track of where the asshats are. Actually, the end of the UN would require the delegates to find real work in their third world hovels. Good friken luck! Oh, no unemployment benefits; so it goes; suck it up and carry your own damn pack! Personally, let them spout vitriol against the US from an exotic place such as Mogadishu or the tolerant, peace loving and Mardi Gras capital of Girls Gone Robed via Islam, city of Riyadh (piece [sic] and titties be beyond you). No alcohol, no titties, but a lot of sand and Wahhabistic beliefs that will torture then execute them if they are gay, Christian, left handed, or Jew. They will encounter the same fate if they try to bring a Bible into the tolerant, peace loving country. I can't wait for the oil to dry up in those despicable countries in the Middle East! I'm sure the UN delegates will appreciate the opportunity to interact with those that they are so concerned about. I cannot support the continuation of the UN. Where is John Bolton, thanks to the liberals? He is so needed in the UN. The concept is correct; the corruption and misuse of its imaginary powers is not. Actually, the only power the UN has is what the US allows it to have! As Dennis Miller once stated “The US moves furniture; the UN applies doilies. The US has twice as many aircraft carriers (“4.5 acres of sovereign and mobile American territory") as the rest of the world combined! Los Angles and Virginia class attack subs carry cruise missiles than can make a target obsolete from several hundred miles away, destroy enemy war ships and other vessels without being detected (one minute the target is there; the next instant-history). Damn, every time a US Trident submarine (SSBN-Boomers), carrying the D-5 warheads puts to sea it is the sixth largest nuclear power in the world! There are eight Boomers in the Pacific fleet and ten in the Atlantic fleet. Do the math! Each weapon has a range in excess of 4,000 miles and the Boomers are built for stealth. To my understanding, there is no record of any Boomer ever being detected by a foreign power. Actually, a Boomer would only have to place itself a thousand miles or so from its base in either the Atlantic or Pacific for the weapons to reach Moscow. The Middle East is a lot closer and they could, conceivably, hit targets without leaving port. I realize that have started to drift, so I end the current rant.

[Editor's Correction: An Ohio Class Submarine can hit Moscow from the piers they are moored at with a few thousand miles to spare. Wikipedia gives the range of a D-5 missile as in excess of 7,000 miles. I believe it entails a 15 degree list put on the boat and clearing topside if possible--then hope you haven't welded the other doors shut.]

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