Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Your Civic Duty

Its that time of year: hit the polls and vote. Its your right, and your duty as an American.

Consider this: If you own property, and don't vote, you're stupid. (sorry, not pulling any punches tonight!) You are essentially allowing others to decide, without your input, what can happen to your home, car, or property.

Do you have a family? Don't vote? You don't care for them much, then, do you? If you don't vote, someone else gets to pick the school board overseeing your children's education. Someone else will be picking the judges and district attorneys that try the criminals in our towns and cities. Someone else will be picking the Sheriff who helps keep us all safe.

Its also your biggest chance this year to tell your local leaders whether or not you approve of the job they are doing and they way they are spending the money you give them to use from your taxes--for that matter, you may be voting whether or not to increase certain taxes.

I don't care if you don't agree with my point of view on politics. Get out there and do your country and yourself some good. Vote.

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