Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bill Clinton (slick Willie) interviewed by Barbra Walters (Bahwha Wahtas) - BrotherMalcolm interjects

Bill Clinton: I'd Sit in on Hillary's Cabinet Meetings 'Only If Asked'

Barb: If his wife wins the 2008 presidential election, would the former president sit in on cabinet meetings?

Slick: "Only if asked," Clinton told Walters. "And I think it would only be wise if it were on a specific issue. I think it's better for me to give her my advice privately most of the time."

BrotherMalcolm: So you would be off the "hands-off type"? In the White House. Hands off.

Barb: "Mr. President, is your wife really smarter than you are?"

Slick: "About some things". "We have different kinds of intelligence. She has a great organizational intelligence, and we've always worked well together. … I said the other day -- we celebrated our 32nd anniversary -- I'd rather spend the night talking to her than anybody I can think of."

BrotherMalcolm: Just talking. At night. With her.
Glad you actually said that Bill. I sure having sex with her that one time (daughter) must have been miserable. All I would do is talk to her as well - that is why there are interns right?!

Clinton said that before Hillary decided to run for president, and if the laws were changed, he might have liked to run for a third term in the White House.

Slick: "I loved being president," (Chicks all over the place!) "I loved it. And I thought I was well-suited (or unsuited) to the time."

The man some (media left) call the rock star (porn star?) of American politics hasn't lost his magic touch (no comment).

Since leaving office just six years ago, Clinton has become a kind of global expeditor (exhibitonist?), traveling to more than 84 countries (sans wifey)...

Barb: Should Hillary win, would Clinton be willing to take on traditional "first spouse" duties, such as the annual Easter Egg Hunt and the White House Christmas decorations?

Slick: "You know, I'd actually like doing that, ( I love chasing down young chicks with eggs) "

Barb: Would this former president welcome the title of first gentleman?

Slick: "I really don't care what I'm called," Clinton said. "I got to be president for eight years. People can call me whatever they want."

BrotherMalcolm: Noted - but we already do!

While the Clintons talk many times each day, Bill Clinton said they don't get to see each other as much now that the campaign is in full swing. (did they use the word "swing"?!)

Barb: Has the heart surgery changed you?

Slick: "I think it's made me a little more mellow". "I notice how the air (hair?) smells...". "Those things mean something to me again, like they did when I was a boy -- just the rhythms of life. So I both love the small things more, and I sweat the small things less." (I am no longer a big boob man?)


Old Man said...

Imagine Bill in the White House with too much time on his hands, a box of cigars, and another page to turn.

Sean G said...

another page to turn? Ugh! That was punny.