Wednesday, December 19, 2007

From Tea and Crumpets to Hijabs and Sharia Law

In the news, the second most common name in Britain has become Mohammed. It seems that Britain, like the rest of Europe, is having an issue with the immigration of Muslims.

It may be to early to write the obituary for our cricket playing friends across the sea, but I have to express my concern.

I mean, look at the problems currently being experienced by France and Sweden, to name two countries in the advanced stages of this disease. They are shining examples of what will happen if you choose a path of concession and multiculturalism with your immigrants rather than encouraging them to assimilate to your culture.

You end up with riots and an increasing crime rate, a breakdown of the rule of law, and record unemployment.

So, what happened? England used to appear to me a friendly democracy, albiet, with their own spin on the system; a free country, reasonably taxed, and despite their occupation of Northern Ireland, I supported them and welcomed them heartily as our friends. Our future, I'm afraid, may be less than certain.

A day hasn't passed that I haven't read something in the news about the developing Nanny-State mentality in Britain. Of governmental bans on things for the citizens' "own good". Of police cameras and traffic charges. Of Englishmen leaving their country in record numbers.

These things concern me. I like the British. Like the Australians and the Canadians (America Lite, eh!), we share a common language, some common history, and some common ancestors. I feel a kind of kinship to them, naturally. Just like in prior wars, they are at the frontlines: this time in a war of cultures and moralities. Western Civilization vs. the Muhamedian Culture of Jihad.

If Britian falls, who next?

And I have to root for them. Anything else just wouldn't be cricket.

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