Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Part II

The most recent example of how Islam is the "religion of peace", A Canadian Muslim man has been arrested for the strangling murder of his daughter. Apparently, at 16, she didn't want to submit to sharia law, and would not wear a hijab.

The Canadian authorities, eh, have rightly denied this lunatic bail.

How can a religion that can endorse this kind of behavior peacefully co-exist with western civilization? I don't care what your teenager has done, you certainly don't have the right to kill her.

We as Americans, and for that matter, anyone in a civilized country need to be on the lookout against anyone trying to make Islam more "mainstream". They are a minority, thankfully, lets keep it that way. The last thing we need are roving death squads, sharia law, and morality police.

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Anonymous said...

Right! You have no right to kill your teenagers! You must kill them in the womb or not at all...we are civilized.