Tuesday, December 4, 2007

La culture française suce

Yeah, the French and their culture sucks, but not because of the new régime. Sarkozy is trying to correct some of the ills of the nation of ingratitude There are old beliefs that limit the French. One of them is that they have the language that is pure. Latin is a pure language. It is pure because it does not change. Latin was once the language of the educated. Charlemagne (Charles the Great) was crowned Imperator Augustus by Pope Leo III in 800 AD. The Frank language began as a language of importance between areas of Western Europe (basically anything north and west of Rome). Frank (French) became the language of diplomacy and the educated, and the arts and cultures began to shift toward the Franks. Things do change (Battle of Tours, 100 year war with England, etc.). After having been liberated, twice, from becoming a German domain, there still seems to be the sense of world importance that many in France, and the copycat Quebec, hold. There remain many that believe that the French language and culture is pure and should not be altered. When any culture remains stagnant, the culture will begin to die. This helps explain why the French have reacted to this article in the Telegraph regarding the lack of cultural achievement. “The old guard dies but never surrenders” –one of Napoleon’s generals on June 18, 1815, to the Duke of Wellington’s demand for a French surrender at Waterloo. We all know who won that battle. Time will tell what Sarkozy can do.

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