Thursday, December 13, 2007

More on Mitt Romeny: Cons... sorta

Okay, well I posted asking readers to comment on reasons why Mitt Romney should not be the next President of the United States, and we received no comments. All I can surmise, is that all of my readers would love to have Mr. Romney as the next President.

Actually, I did take one comment to the contrary, but it was from a friend at work. His concern was that Mormons come door-to-door to attempt to gain followers to their faith. This really bothered him for some reason. It didn't help when I suggested that Christians who feel strongly enough should be doing the same thing :) But he said it was enough to keep him for voting for Mitt. Perhaps he believes there is something sinister about trying to gain Mormon converts? I'm sure the Romans thought the same about Christians.

Then, of course, you have one evangelical preacher from the great state of Florida, some guy named Bill Keller, who states, "If you vote for Mitt Romney, you are voting for Satan." This would seem to be a fairly compelling Con, but hard to verify as if Mitt Romney really were the Evil One, I'm sure you won't get him to admit it. Besides, I'm fairly sure Satan is the leading Democratic candidate right now.

While I don't agree with the tenets of the Mormon faith, and I certainly don't think Mormonism is as closely aligned with mainstream Christianity as Mitt would like us to believe, I do think that the LDS Church is conservative and teaches family oriented values. At least as far as I can tell from reading. As long as Mitt is a moral man, making moral decisions, and upholds my conservative ideals, I hardly think theological differences should hold him back.

If that were the case, as a Roman Catholic, I wouldn't be voting for anyone until the get another Kennedy in there, and I can't stomach any of the Kennedys.

So, come on! Give me some good reasons he can't be President.


NeoCon said...

If Americans are unwilling to vote for a Mormon it is more telling of them then it is of him. What would the difference of not voting for someone due to faith than due sex, color, height, weight etc.

Okay, I will counter my own argument - at least in this case you would be discriminating based on ideas followed and upheld. If a person chooses are certain faith at least they have SOME control over it. You are born into your skin and as a certain sex (with in reason - see Jacko).

Sean G said...

Great point, Neocon... if, for instance, Mormon's were actually alien replicants wearing human skins in an effort to trick us, like Hillary, we'd have a great reason to discriminate against them.

But since they don't appear to be replicants, and in all seriousness, seem to uphold family values and moral living, I don't see faith as a reason to keep one out of office.

We're a country that in no small part got its start by religious "extremists" searching for freedom to worship: Quakers in Pennsylvania, Catholics in Maryland, and Puritans in Massachusetts, just to name a few. I think in this day and age, we should be past petty discrimination. If not, shame on us.

Ann Marie Curling said...

LOL, what's with using my picture for your story lol. Just kidding, I was just a bit surprised. Thanks for the kind words about Governor Romney, and thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Sean G said...

Anne Marie, I actually got your picture from Governor Romney's site :)

I had no idea who you were, at the time. One quick Google later, and I am happy to direct my readers to another source of the photo:
where you can learn all about classy, conservative women. Because, aren't all conservative women classy? (Particularly, my wife :) )

Just don't check out the link to Women For Romney if you are intimidated by successful, educated, right-thinking women. You and the rest of your John "I Like Pink" Edwards pals would probably be so scared you would have to sleep with an extra night-light.

Anonymous said...

Damn you Sean,for goading me into posting.

My door-to-door point: I would never send a Christian missionary to someone of Protestant/Catholic/Orthodox faith.It would be irrelevant, based on my interpretation of the Bible. Why? They are already Christians! So why do Mormons canvas the USA with elders, aka missionaries? Are they unaware that the USA is 76% Christian? Or... do they think we are different from them and, presumably, wrong regarding our religion? It is the LDS church that sets itself apart from Christianity. It is up to Christians to see this point. While you are at it, wiki "Joseph Smith, Jr." and the "Golden Plates."

My issues with Romney:
Is he flipflopping on abortion for political gain?

Does he really believe everything that Joseph Smith, Jr. said? We crucified a political candidate who said he saw a UFO. I bet a lot more people have seen UFOs than ever saw the Golden Plates.

Beyond those concerns, he seems like a fairly solid candidate. Just my two cents.

-Dave for Prez