Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More on Mitt Romney: PRO's

Ok, fearless readers, I've been doing more research on Mitt Romney. Here is what I have come up with as PRO's:

  • His approach to Healthcare reform has been one that uses private industry and a system of incentives and penalties to get people to get their own health insurance vice having big-government ruin the greatest healthcare system in the world.
  • A track record of being fiscally responsible in government.
  • Supports a buildup of America's defense, and actually has a concrete plan as to what he wants to do.
  • Understands, unlike some candidates, that America's homeland security is best decided somewhere other than America--our responsibilities don't end at our borders.
  • Flat out states without whitewash that "Jihadism – violent, radical, fundamental Islam" needs confronting.
  • Recognizes that the evils of Communism are still alive and well in Latin America, and that America needs to keep fighting the good fight lest is spread.
  • Wants Energy Independence for America, and recognizes that nuclear power is a key part of the alternative energies we will rely on in the future. He states energy independence is a national security imperative.
  • In favor of the Line Item Veto and strict limits on government spending and a Supermajority requirement to raise taxes.
  • "We must secure the border, implement an enforceable employer verification system, punish sanctuary cities and reject amnesty if we are to restore Americans’ faith in the rule of law."--'nuff said about illegal immigration.
  • "We must promote a culture of life, protect America's children, and stop the erosion of America's basic freedoms."
You can check out all of his positions at http://www.mittromney.com/Issues/index

Keep in mind that as much as this sounds like a plug, Too Much Liberty doesn't actually get paid to advertise for candidates--not that we are opposed to the idea, mind you :) but so far we are as objective as a logical person can be.

So, can anyone point out some weaknesses or flaws? Particularly if we have any readers from Massachusetts that might have first hand observations about his governing style. Any CON's would be gathered and put into a follow on CON post.

So far, though, he kind of sounds like he might be a better candidate for me.

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Sean G said...

soooo... still not seeing any cons... post away.