Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Twelve Days of Liberals

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has posted a video that exemplifies some of the wishes that liberals want/demanded as gifts. This is not the traditional Christmas carol, though it is a tune with which we are all familiar. We all know how Santa rewards those who have been bad (the gift of coal can be forgiven). Santa never had to deal with a congress that had a lower approval rating than the President. The approval rating for Congress is now the lowest ever recorded by Gallup since it first tracked public opinion of Congress in 1974. This video may seem to be a conservative agitprop, but it also seems to be on target.


Anonymous said...

Right! You have no right to kill your teenagers! You must kill them in the womb or not at all...we are civilized.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Ann Coulter does have a way with words. :-)

It's getting a little scary out there. With about a month between now and the Iowa caucuses, Iowa GOP voters seem well on their way to losing their minds and giving Mike Huckabee the win.

Have these voters been paying any attention to the Democrats? Obama and Hillary aren't just annoying they're flat-out scary. The thought of the United States being run by the devious and despicable Hillary or the ultra-liberal, pathetically inept Obama should cause any sane Republican voter to think very, very carefully before pulling the lever for their nominee.

And yet, a large portion of Republican voters have jumped on the bandwagon of an underfunded, inexperienced, out-of-touch politician who has no chance - none - of even being competitive, much less beating, the Democratic nominee.

It's one thing to make a statement, for whatever reason, but quite another to flush your party, and your country, down the toilet to make that point. If Iowa goes on to give Huckabee the nod, then I think it's time to admit the Iowa voters are just plain stupid. The GOP should take measure to ensure that "first-in-the-nation" Iowa Idiotfest is given the relevance to future Republican primaries that it deserves - NONE. Deny them delegates, punish candidates for campaigning there, whatever it takes, make Iowa irrelevant.

Voters who would rather "make a statement" with Huckabee than elect a leader of the free world don't deserve to have their votes count more than voters in other states who are actually sane. This should have been done in 1988 after Pat Robertson came in second. Why are we still listening to these Iowa Idiots?

This election is serious business. Yes, morons like McCullough sing Huckabee's praises while claiming to speak for all Evangelical Christians, but serious Republican voters have to realize that Huckabee, aside from being a poor conservative on any assiue aside from abortion, does not have what it takes to defeat the real villian - not Giuliani, but Hillary or Obama.

To argue that a tax-raising, pro-immigrant, criminal-coddling, big government-loving pro-lifer is more of a contrast to Hillary than a tax-cutting, Mafia-busting, pro-GWOT fiscal conservative whose pro-choice is ridiculous, but to push the liberal pro-lifer despite the fact he will certainly lose to Hillary is nothing short of insane.

Nothing helps restore one's sanity better than staring true terror in the face. Spend five minutes listening to Hillary or Obama. Then tell me the vitrues of "making a statment" in a primary during this election year.

Time to wake up, voters. This election is not a joke.