Friday, November 2, 2007

Another Reason to Hate Hillary... As if you needed one.

Okay, is it just me? Or did Mrs. Bubba just directly contradict herself, followed by trying to take both sides of the issue, followed by trying to blame the debate mediator for asking a valid question?

You may say that changing her mind is a woman's prerogative. That would be great, but as we discussed earlier, she is really a alien lizard from the show "V" wearing a human skin. Just watch her body language in the video and tell me I'm not right. But aside the fact that she is just here trying to get humans aboard her mother-ship to use as food, it may be a woman's prerogative to change her mind, but I would like my President to be willing to take a stand on an issue, and when challenged about something they said, defend it--not fold like a house of cards in a breeze.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Passing of an American Hero

We are taking a break, today, at Too Much Liberty from our usually rantings on politics and moonbats to note the passing of a real American Hero.

Brigadier General Paul Tibbets, USAF, Retired passed away today at the age of 92 in his Ohio home.

I probably don't even need to tell most of you who read this blog regularly who this man was. For those of you, however, who aren't up on your history, General Tibbets was the pilot of the Enola Gay, and captained the crew that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.

Aside from that notable accomplishment, General Tibbets was also at times the personal pilot of General Eisenhower during the war, and was, according to that former President and Paul's peers, the finest pilot in the Army Air Force.

The bombing of Hiroshima has since, somehow, become a controversial issue. Some people think we could have ended the war without the bombing. General Tibbets, as a true American, and as one who lived through those times, never apologized for our actions. In March 2005, he stated “If you give me the same circumstances, hell yeah, I'd do it again.”

We, here at Too Much Liberty, have two grandfathers (0r a father, if Old Man is writing...) who served in the Pacific Theater during WWII. I have this to say about those who would apologize for the bombing of Hiroshima. First, remember Pearl Harbor! (imagine me saying that like I mean it.) Japan shouldn't have picked a fight it couldn't win (learned that lesson from my Dad--I hope Japanese dad's teach their kids that, now.)

Second, millions of people would have died if we would have been forced to invade the Japanese mainland. Did you see the bold print? That's over 260 times the number of killed G.I.'s in our current war. And my grandparents could have been among them.

Wacko apologists and liberal nut-jobs are the reason that this American hero requested in his will that he have no funeral or burial, so that protesters would have no area in which to desecrate his remains at the expense of their erroneous cause.

We at Too Much Liberty salute you General Tibbets, you are an example of a Great American. You will not be forgotten. We thank you for our freedom.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Digest For Your Digestion...

I was reading the news today, and I came across a couple of topics. Both set the Irony meter a-quivering. It reads out on a scale of 1 to 10.

There is this: Russia has apparently banned Halloween celebrations in their schools, this year. The reason they cite is that it is a "cult of death". Now, I'm sure you'll find this pretty rich coming from a country that in the last century is responsible for the imprisonment and execution of more dissidents in the last century than Hitler. Irony meter: 8

And this: Dennis Kucinich, who is supposedly running for president, has
stated that he questions the state of President Bush's mental health. His exact quote is, "I seriously believe we have to start asking questions about his mental health." This is pretty rich, coming from a guy who maintains that he really did see a UFO. Irony meter: 10

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Orwellian Education In Delaware

Delaware is the second smallest state with an area of 1,964 square miles. The county I live in is 6,860 square miles, yet Delaware has done something my county has not done. It has crafted the First Amendment into something that is an abomination to the concept of free speech. With what is happening, forget the concept of free thought. I’m sure the Delaware patriots of the Revolutionary War would have opened a big can of whoop-ass about the indoctrinations taking place at the University of Delaware. This is just too fricken unbelievable and must be corrected.

Monday, October 29, 2007

An Addendum To Sean G's Post

The USS Porter (DDG 78) is an Arliegh Burke class Ageis destroyer, thus it is hardly a chase to catch the pirates. The USS Porter can track and destroy multiple targets without working up a sweat. If the USS Porter was ordered to take out any pirate craft it could be accomplished with any number of weapons. At a speed that is 30+ mph (not to mention LAMPS helicopters) it has the advantage over any commercial vessel which is rarely rated more than 20 mph. I can just imagine a pirate that just had his skiffs blown out of the water that were being towed by the same craft that he had just hijacked. The look on his face seeing the USS Porter pulling upside and giving him the finger must be priceless. We'll see what happens tomorrow. No use running; no where to hide. At least it will make for a less mundane time for the night watch. By the way, with our superior naval power why do we need permission to enter any water of a nation that only has skiffs for naval vessels?

Go Navy! Beat Army!

The USS Porter has attacked pirate vessels using naval gunfire off the coast of Somalia. The USS Arleigh Burke, also a guided missile destroyer, has entered into Somalian sovereign water (with the permission of their 'government') in pursuit of pirates that have hijacked a freighter full of Benzene.

The Porter sank the pirate skiffs in-tow aft of the freighter, but had to beak off pending permission to enter Somalian waters. The Burke received permission and the chase is on.

It's fairly clear to me how this one will pan out--even without my experience based bias on this topic. Let me give you a side-by-side comparison:

Them Us Winner

Us... Are you kidding?

Us again.

Us again.

The clear winner? Us. Don't make us come and take that ship back for its rightful owners. It won't be the first time the U.S. Navy has kicked the ass of some African pirates. How do you think the Marines got "the shores of Tripoli" to their song and gained the name "Leathernecks". (I know that the picture above is of SEAL's, but it would be most likely them taking the ship back anyhow).

Ending nearly 200 years of oppression and extortion. The US Navy has been sticking it to Moors, fascists, dictators and Islamic Fundamentalists since October 13th, 1775.

Good Hunting Burke and Porter. Fair Winds and Following Seas.