Saturday, November 24, 2007

Coming Soon! Links to Get your Concealed Weapon Permit

Using most recently published state population data from the US Census bureau:
64.1% of the US population lives in "Right To Carry" (Vermont, Alaska & 35"Shall Issue") states,
28.1% in "Right Restricted" (9"May Issue") states, and
7.8% in "Right Denied" (4) states

Soon we hope to be providing links to as many States as possible that allow its residents to actually exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

I would like to encourage EVERY non-felon to apply for and receive their CWP (Concealed Weapon Permit). At the very least it shows numbers. Numbers mean support and thus when "they" come for our liberties, by first coming for our gun laws and then coming for our guns.... if "they" see large numbers of people with CWPs then maybe (just maybe) "they" will be swayed.

Okay maybe not, as they are beholden to the Anti-Gun lobbyist, but numbers count for something. "They" are more apt to attack a law and rights (such as ability to carry a concealed weapon) if there appears to be little support for it. If millions have their CWPs in all the states that allow for them - then that shows support.

Contrary to liberal thinking - might CAN make right and the show of strength often DOES deflect aggression by bullies.

Here is an Example of what we wish to provide to encourage appling for your CWP:





West Virginia

more to come as we do the research....

Thankfulness, Illegals and the American Dream

It’s that time of year, time to give thanks. I was suppose to contribute to the blog a few time this week as Sean was on vac-a. However, I went to visit an aunt and uncle who temporarily do not have internet access because they just moved. My uncle, with wife and kids in tow, recently added himself to one of the millions of America’s small business owners just a few weeks ago.

My uncle is now an owner of a restaurant in a small but budding town in Western, NC. His restaurant employs 20 people and guess what…ready for it…..

NO illegal aliens.

I tried to tell him that there are jobs that Americans just will not do, such as bus tables, clean dishes, random fixer-up work etc. He tried to tell me that he DID have 20 employees, doing everything that needed to get done, and that one in fact was of Mexican decent. This Mexican-American (actually I that should read “American”) just so happens to be 3rd generation American and instead of doing “menial jobs” he is in charge of the kitchen crew. He had what some people like to call “papers”. You know - birth certificates, driver’s license, high school diploma, et al.

Anyway, my uncle and family are temporarily set up in a townhouse and they had no internet yet. They are relying on cell phones for the time being. The experience of visiting the restaurant was great. I loved watching as my uncle was getting the swing of things, the employees and customers responding to him; and he loved watching the people line up for a 2 hour wait to be seated.

Sorry for the digression - the point of all this was the American employee, who happens to have Mexican heritage, he was an inspiration to me.

As I got home this afternoon (11/24/07) I read this headline found on the front page of

“Sheriff: Illegal border crosser rescues U.S. boy
Man was boy's ‘angel’ after mom dies in Ariz. desert van crash, officials say


WOW, I thought… If there is a documented case of an illegal alien doing such a wonderful Thanksgiving-like thing, I can see why it made the headlines.
No agenda here, just reporting the facts. Everyone knows that the “drive by media” just loves a positive feel good story and that they tend to shun the negative (FYI: dripping and oozing with sarcasm). I was left to wonder WHY they seemed to be missing these headlines or articles (see links below)

Study: 1 million sex crimes by illegals
Researcher estimates more than 100 offenders crossing border daily


Illegals: The Crime Rampage

Illegal Aliens' Unstoppable
Third World Crime Wave In US


Crime and illegal aliens in the U.S.

The Illegal-Alien Crime Wave

There are more, lots more, but I was curious as to why if there are a few cases of illegal aliens being nice people, yet thousands or millions of illegal aliens of doing very bad things, then why would push this headline to the forefront?

Why do they not push to the forefront such news as this –

In Florida Alien is Offensive; Breaking the Law is Not

You see, that headline and story above unveils what is happening throughout our country but it brings upon it an all too revealing light. The story outlines that a Democrat in Florida, Sen. Frederica Wilson from Miami has introduced legislation to remove the word “Alien” from Illegal Alien on state documents because she finds the word alien offensive, especially when it is applied to children. As we know, when it is politically expedient, with the Democrats it is all about the children.

The media wants to keep those things underground. Not part of the agenda you see. Yet it pushes to the front pages that illegals are like “angels saving little boys” and maybe even passing out puppies, doing jobs American will not do, and jut trying to feed their children…

So, to come full circle, I am thankful for fellow bloggers who dig up buried stories and make them available to all - stories that tell the entire story and then allow me to interpret where the truth is.

We're back

Well, sorry for the absence, but the staff of Too Much Liberty is back from Thanksgiving Vacation now. There were supposed to be some posts made by one of the other authors, but that didn't happen for whatever reason. Rest assured, however, that we are back in action.