Friday, December 14, 2007

Chuck the Huck

America! Hey! Yeah, you! What's your thing with Huckabee? Do you really want him as the next President? You do know he's prone to raising taxes, don't you? And soft on Crime? He pardoned more criminals than the last 4 Arkansas governors combined. You know he wanted to normalize relations with communist Cuba? For that matter, just say his name. Then think about it. President Huckabee. We'd be a laughingstock.

See this diagram for further information:

Any questions? Then what is with this recent upswing in the polls?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

More on Mitt Romeny: Cons... sorta

Okay, well I posted asking readers to comment on reasons why Mitt Romney should not be the next President of the United States, and we received no comments. All I can surmise, is that all of my readers would love to have Mr. Romney as the next President.

Actually, I did take one comment to the contrary, but it was from a friend at work. His concern was that Mormons come door-to-door to attempt to gain followers to their faith. This really bothered him for some reason. It didn't help when I suggested that Christians who feel strongly enough should be doing the same thing :) But he said it was enough to keep him for voting for Mitt. Perhaps he believes there is something sinister about trying to gain Mormon converts? I'm sure the Romans thought the same about Christians.

Then, of course, you have one evangelical preacher from the great state of Florida, some guy named Bill Keller, who states, "If you vote for Mitt Romney, you are voting for Satan." This would seem to be a fairly compelling Con, but hard to verify as if Mitt Romney really were the Evil One, I'm sure you won't get him to admit it. Besides, I'm fairly sure Satan is the leading Democratic candidate right now.

While I don't agree with the tenets of the Mormon faith, and I certainly don't think Mormonism is as closely aligned with mainstream Christianity as Mitt would like us to believe, I do think that the LDS Church is conservative and teaches family oriented values. At least as far as I can tell from reading. As long as Mitt is a moral man, making moral decisions, and upholds my conservative ideals, I hardly think theological differences should hold him back.

If that were the case, as a Roman Catholic, I wouldn't be voting for anyone until the get another Kennedy in there, and I can't stomach any of the Kennedys.

So, come on! Give me some good reasons he can't be President.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ann Coulter – ROTF

Ann is a tad far of the right for a lot of my ideals. Regardless, I hold her in high esteem and explore what she presents. In her most recent column, in Human Events, there is one line that sent snot across my monitor. She stated, “For you kids out there too young to remember, Al Gore is a vaguely gay, morbidly obese former Clinton administration official who raised campaign cash from Buddhist monks and claimed he invented the Internet.” No one else may find this amusing, but to me it was a fantastic comment on the current recipient of the Nobel Prize for Lunacy.

The Twelve Days of Liberals

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has posted a video that exemplifies some of the wishes that liberals want/demanded as gifts. This is not the traditional Christmas carol, though it is a tune with which we are all familiar. We all know how Santa rewards those who have been bad (the gift of coal can be forgiven). Santa never had to deal with a congress that had a lower approval rating than the President. The approval rating for Congress is now the lowest ever recorded by Gallup since it first tracked public opinion of Congress in 1974. This video may seem to be a conservative agitprop, but it also seems to be on target.

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Part II

The most recent example of how Islam is the "religion of peace", A Canadian Muslim man has been arrested for the strangling murder of his daughter. Apparently, at 16, she didn't want to submit to sharia law, and would not wear a hijab.

The Canadian authorities, eh, have rightly denied this lunatic bail.

How can a religion that can endorse this kind of behavior peacefully co-exist with western civilization? I don't care what your teenager has done, you certainly don't have the right to kill her.

We as Americans, and for that matter, anyone in a civilized country need to be on the lookout against anyone trying to make Islam more "mainstream". They are a minority, thankfully, lets keep it that way. The last thing we need are roving death squads, sharia law, and morality police.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winning, Good Sportsmanship, and the American Way...

I was talking with Brother Malcolm today, and he mentioned that he had gotten into a discussion on one of the boards he participates in regarding good sportsmanship. Brother Malcolm maintained that it was important that, even in professional sporting events, good sportsmanship be maintained.

His opponent, countered that this smacked of liberal sentiments, and accused (quite-wrongly) that Brother Malcolm was a liberal. Now, a quick glance at Too Much Liberty and all was settled regarding the good Brother's right leaning tendencies. But that brings me to the topic of this post.

I don't think that good sportsmanship is in any way "liberal". To the contrary, I think the tenets of good sportsmanship:
  • Full commitment to participation (e.g., showing up, working hard during all practices and games, acknowledging one’s mistakes and trying to improve)
  • Respect and concern for rules and officials
  • Respect and concern for social conventions (e.g., shaking hands, recognizing the good performance of an opponent)
  • Respect and concern for the opponent (e.g., lending one’s equipment to the opponent, agreeing to play even if the opponent is late, not taking advantage of injured opponents)
  • Avoiding poor attitudes toward participation (e.g., not adopting a win-at-all-costs approach, not showing temper after a mistake, and not competing solely for individual prizes)
Are things that any conservative can agree to. I believe they are appropriate, gentlemanly, and expected behaviors in any sporting activity. I have my father to thank for making sure I know the rules of good sportsmanship, and I'm sure many of you learned the same way.

It probably started with a simple handshake after a baseball game. Or an admonishment not to gloat about beating your sibling at a game: "nobody likes a sore-winner" (or loser). And you learned it was appropriate to cheer a fallen player when he gets back up, regardless of the team he's on.

These behaviors are American. And are only "liberal" in so much as they have fallen from practice by so many Americans, and must seem new.

We have soccer moms fighting in the sidelines and dads attacking referee's for ejecting obscenity spewing parents during children's games. Just a quick glance at will show you that we are not teaching good sportsmanship to our children, and apparently, some of us have failed to learn it ourselves.

"But we are Americans, and this is America! We are about winning!"

At what cost? Yes, Americans love a winner and don't give a "hoot in hell for a man that lost and laughed". But we don't particularly like a sore winner, either.

So, the next time you see someone being a bad sport, take the time to let them know they are behaving improperly.

Monday, December 10, 2007

My spin on "Waterboarding"--a Rant

So, I began thinking about the interrogation technique known as waterboarding. Some people are for the legalization of it. I'm not sure I support that.

I'm not an ascriber to the belief that it "will make us no better than the terrorists", or any such nonsense. There are plenty of things that waterboarding or no, makes us better. In fact, saying that the harsh treatment of a murderer or two to save thousands or millions, frankly, cheapens us. You can't even begin to compare the two. Its like comparing Sean Connery's role in Highlander to Heath Ledger's role in Brokeback Mountain. Incomparable.

Of course, if you are the type of uh... metrosexual that thinks that Brokeback Mountain is a better movie than Highlander, you may wish to just stop reading right now.

No, the reason that I don't want waterboarding legalized is that I liked it better when the CIA did it without permission.

Yes, I did just say that. Think about it: It gets around that its actually illegal to waterboard suspects. You are a terrorist pig, having just commited some horrible atrocity, like blowing up a brewery or some such, and a CIA kidnapping team has extracted you to a remote location to do a little information extraction.

There you are, knowing that the American Dogs can't do anything really bad to you, and you tell your captors, knowing full well you will be treated humanely: "Do your worst American Scum! What will you do? Give me a Koran and put me in 4 star accomodations in Gitmo?"

Imagine your surprise as soon as you find out the hard way they are still waterboarding people. I bet you'll tell them everything you know. I bet you would even make stuff up if you thought it would make them happy.

In a round about way, this goes back to what I have said before: if my tax dollars are going to a government entity who's job it is to protect national security through covert and clandestine means, it better be the most covert and clandestine agency of its kind in the world. And because its the American one, it had best be the most bad-ass covert and clandestine intelligence agency in the history of makind.

I shouldn't ever hear of ANY CIA operatives. They should all have cover stories, right down the the guy checking ID's at the parking lot. He should go home at night and tell his wife he had a boring day scrawling tramp stamps at the tattoo parlor, or something. I should never have heard of Valerie Plame.

That brings me to my next point, I think the most bad-ass intelligence agency in the world should be able to handle a few leaks. It is incomprehensible to me that we can spy on other countries, but we can't even keep our own business private. Take a page from the Russians, CIA, to learn how to deal with people who spill the beans.

As an example, imagine what would have happened to Valerie in Russia--you know, if she wasn't poisoned in a sushi shop with a rare radionuclide. It probably would have involved a car ride out into the woods and a short walk.

Yes, I'm all for the banning of waterboading, but keep in mind how well our intelligence agencies are run before you want the government to handle your healthcare, too.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Red Planet Cartoons

Check out Red Planet Cartoons... Not every modern political cartoonist is a screaming leftist, apparently.