Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas. What Did You Give This Year?


My least favorite questions that follow Christmas are -

"What did you GET this year?"


The more disarming - "What did Santa bring you?"

I cringe when I hear it. Yes, we all know that lil’ kiddies are enamored with the gift GETTING portion of Christmas. Is that a product of them simply being kids or is it how WE, as the adults and their learning modules, have sold it to them? I am not a child psych'em'o'tologist so I do not pretend to actually have the answer but I enjoy thinking about such topics and I bet the answer is somewhere in between.

Help me start a trend, one that I truly believe in - ask your relatives, your friends, your neighbors, and those quirky people you talk to in grocery store, or coffee shop lines - "What did you give this year?"

Now here is the fun part, watch their faces. See, I am willing to bet there will be about a one second delay as they are taken aback and realize what you asked. Following the delay they will hardly describe the gift card they sent to their brother in a far away state (guilty here).

When you ask someone ''What Did You Give This Year' you will most likely hear about the one or two gifts that they gave and are most proud of - the gifts that required thought and/or intimate knowledge of the gift recipient. Better yet, and even more true to the spirit of the season (IMHO), maybe you will be told the story of a gift that was genuinely selfless.

So (drum roll please) - my favorite gifts that I gave this year are:

1) An electric blanket to my fiancé because she is always cold (also allows me to turn the heat down a few degrees at night)
2) A subscription to Cook's Illustrated to my retired bachelor friend who loves to cook and happens to have all the "stuff" he would ever need. I wanted to GIVE something "consumable". Something that did not need to be hung up, stored, or dusted - Clip the article(s) you want, then toss the rest.
3) A group of navy friends participate in a Secret Santa - I turned a pic of my friend into a Simpson at Then sent him a t-shirt with the pic on it. He happens to be a huge Simpsons fan.
4) And finally the gift of which I am most proud is a donation to my local Beaver County Humane Society. I asked which dog had been around the longest and if I could pay for the adoption. That way maybe someone will be willing to take the dog home if the adoption is free. One can only hope!

So then, under the comments section, brag a little - its okay just this once!
Please tell us- What Did You Give This Year? !

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We at Too Much Liberty wish you a Merry and Safe Christmas.

While there are 12 days of Christmas, Too Much Liberty will resume on the 26th. Until then, keep your ears open for sleigh bells and the laughter of children.


Sean G