Thursday, January 24, 2008

Campaign 2008 Update...

Well, the list of Moonbats gets shorter as another lunatic is winnowed from the pack: Kucinich has abandoned his attempt at the Presidency.

That makes one less wacko we need to worry about. Its a good thing, too, because as unpalatable as all of you single-issue voters find the prospect of someone of a different religion than you being the President of The United States, you certainly wouldn't want a man who believes in UFO's.

That leaves us with an alien replicant, who runs around wearing a human skin and cackling maniacally hoping to fool us all. Take a look at these photos taken during a commercial break during the recent Democratic debate: Her human emotion chip got stuck in auto-cackle, and overheated. Her psuedo-skin melted, and they had to rush to get makeup in there before the break was over.

The other guy's main qualification is that he isn't married to Bill Clinton.

The G.O.P on the other hand, has a couple of qualified candidates, one of whom is apparently against freedom of religion, and says that's why you shouldn't elect the other guy, one, who while a bona-fide American war hero, is so old he is likely to keel over before November, and a guy who while otherwise qualified has a religion most people think is a cult. Oh, and then there is Giuliani, who may as well throw in the towel: he started out great in the press, but doesn't seem to be getting any money, and isn't really conservative enough to really be a Republican anyhow.

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