Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Caucuses and Primaries--my thoughts so far...

Well, after the Iowa primary, I thought that Hillary had been finally dealt a death blow. Oh, if only that were true.

While it is no surprise to me that she was able to carry and ultra-liberal state like New Hampshire, and her win was a far cry from a sweeping victory, I certainly would have been much happier to see her soundly defeated.

This isn't to say I'm an Obama supporter. As you all know, Sean G doesn't swing that way, baby. But I do find him the least offensive of the Communist Party shills running for President.

And let's face it, if he wins, which is far from certain with only 2 primaries down and months until the general election, there is one thing that we will gain from this: An African-American will have achieved the highest office in the land, dispelling any conspiracy myths, and shattering any percieved "glass ceiling" that exists. Maybe we could do away with affirmative action then? I mean, Mr. Obama is succeeding without any special help.

I'm also not surprised at McCain carrying a leftist state like New Hampshire. He swings a little to the left for my tastes on most things. Verging on RINO, IMHO. I will say the man is principled, sticks to his values, and IS an actual American Hero.

I'm still leaning towards Romney at this point, but I am worried about his electability, as he seems almost like too nice a guy to be President. I will say that I am pleased with Huckabee's Huckabust.

My favorite candidate is still Fred Thompson, but he almost the bassist of the Republican Party--you know: pretty low-key. I like his politics the best, but don't see him actually getting elected unless he can manage to get himself--and his crowds--fired up.

I'm not interested in Giuliani at all. His stances on gun control, right to life, global warming, illegal immigration, and his thoughts on freedom vs. authority all raise alarm bells for me.

Ron Paul? Please. The guy is a wingnut. In fact, I think he is a plant from the Democrats sent to steal votes from whoever actually gets endorsed by the GOP. Kinda like a Republican Nader, if you will.

Others not mentioned so far, might as well drop out now and save a few million dollars. That goes double for you, Edwards. Maybe you could spend it on another haircut.

That's my two bits on the primaries, thus far. Stay tuned.

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