Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The long awaited demise of The Silky Pony...

has come at last. This picture, appearing on The Drudge Report this morning seems to show him crying. No real surprise, really. This is the same nancy boy who pays hundreds of dollars for a haircut.

So here is a question: Edwards ran on a platform saying that Americans need a fair shot at success to succeed, and that regular American families are poor and oppressed. How, then, did he lose his party's nomination?

Well, it could be that his party just doesn't give a damn about fairness and poor oppressed Americans. Or... maybe people can succeed already in America without the government helping, and we aren't all poor and oppressed? Huh. Hard to say that Americans aren't getting a fair chance to succeed when your major opponents are a woman and an African-American.

Perhaps he is crying because he, as a rich WASP, didn't get a fair chance to succeed? Perhaps he just needs to cowboy up.

Don't know about you, but his platform just didn't pass the common sense test. Glad voters, albeit Democrats, saw through this already.

Rudy is apparently conceding, as well. And so the race narrows. Super Tuesday (really, now, what's so super about any Tuesday, even that one?) should give us a clear idea who is going to be running from the G.O.P.

Lately, I've been looking into Senator McCain. What do you guys think about him?

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