Thursday, January 3, 2008

Minnesotans For Global Warming (M4GW)

I live near Lake Superior in northern Minnesota. When I was driving to work on Wednesday it was a balmy 10 degrees below zero. I didn’t want to think about the windchill factor as the car was rocking with each gust of wind. Thoughts of how this part of the country was a covered with a mile-deep pile of ice 10,000 years ago allowed me to feel some gratitude for the current weather. When I booted my computer I was thrilled to open a link from a coworker that addressed global warming from a fellow Minnesotan who responds to email with the name Elmer. This video posted at YouTube made my day. Elmer seems to be the kind of person that has a good understanding about the need for global warming. He states, “I don't know about you, but I am tired of hearing only one voice on this issue. Isn't it time we who have experienced the worst of our present global climate come together and work to heat this god-forsaken frozen tundra? Let it start here in Minnesota; turn your snow shovels into lawn chairs, and let us together make this world a warmer, more enjoyable place.” His website, Minnesotans For Global Warming, has links to other videos that he has produced. He seems to be having a great deal of fun promoting the need for global warming. Take some time and visit the site, take a look at his other creations, make a donation, or just say thanks.

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