Friday, January 18, 2008

More Global Warming Evidence:

Global Warming Evidence--It really is hard to believe in this stuff when you keep hearing stuff like this.


Anonymous said...

A side-note: There was once a time when the government did not give warnings about cold weather. The common thought was that if you knew where you lived, you knew what to expect. Tonight is expected to get to -20 to -35. High tomorrow of -5. Why? Because of where I live!

slclemens said...


You're pointing out something those of us in the fossil fuel industry have been saying for years: winter is still happening even during these supposed years of "global warming."

One thing is clear: winter is colder than summer, and therefore, for at least part of the year, global warming is a lie.

It's amazing that the so-called "climate experts" can't understand this basic reality: winter. How could they miss something this obvious?!

Keep up the good work--those of us in the industry depend on people like you!