Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Obama Would Hold Muslim Summit

I’m sure the summit won’t be discussing dhimmitude, jihad, or peace with Israel since Obama stated, "I will ask them to join us in battling terrorism but we should also be willing to listen in terms of some of their concerns". How does one conduct a meaningful summit with those who have sworn to destroy America, Israel, democracy, and establish a caliphate over the entire world? I have some real concerns about someone who wants to mollify the Muslims and withdraw the troops from Iraq before the job is done. The LA Times called him “Barack The Magic Negro.” He may be magical by assuaging white guilt (I never had a slave or an illegal alien, thus I feel no guilt), and being an alternative to Hillary. He smiles too much to be a Vulcan but check out his ears! Regardless, trying to pacify the Muslims has not worked in the past nor will it in the future. Too many politicians, Republican and Democrat, have tried this and they have all failed. Clinton tried it in Kosovo and as recently as September, the situation continues to deteriorate. They have failed because the Muslim world perceives any mollification as a sign of weakness; dhimmis beware of the great AFGE! A sneaky playground bully never picks on those that he perceives as being strong or defended. He attacks those that present themselves as weak or without resolve. I think that by making a statement that he wants to have the summit is a sign of weakness. Two questions I am left with are, do Ayatollahs fart, and what would Reagan do (WWRD [I need to get the bracelet!])?

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