Thursday, January 3, 2008

What Did You Give? UPDATE....

I was finally able to line up the hours the Humane Society was open, my schedule, and track down the person who could help me with my donation for my sponsored adoption (See post "What Did You Give This Year?" - below).

It turns out that they will not actually advertise that a particular dog is sponsored for a free adoption until the potential adopter applies. So my wish of helping a long residing pound puppy was dashed.

Why do they do this? Because they do not want people adopting a dog for the wrong reasons - I completely understand their point. Just another case of "wanting to do the right thing" (thinking with emotions...) but not always thinking everything through. Who does that sound like? Any stereotypes that may apply to certain groups there? Hmmmmmmmmm?

Only this time it applied to me (guilty).

Anyway, I did donate a dog adoption and the person who chooses that particular dog (hopefully for the all the proper reasons) will get a nice lil' surprise - it will be free. Yippie skippie and all that jazz.

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