Saturday, January 12, 2008

Who's Your Candidate?!

Answer the questions on this poll (linked below) and it will help you to find the candidate who would be disappointing you after you elect them!

It's fun for the whole family.

Link - Who's Your Candidate?!

After you vote- tell us the results in the comments section below!

Osama Bin Laden took it and had 27 for Hussein Obama, 23 for Ron Paul, 1 for Ruddy and -3 for Fred Thompson!
Some illegal took it and had 18 for McCain and 17 for Huckabee.
A few welfare mothers tooks it an mosta dem scored like 50 (fiddy) for Hilary.


UnionizedTeacher said...

I took the poll and was 29 for Hilary and 30 for Edwards!

I had 0 for Hunter, and 0 for Fred Thompson.

Sean G said...

Holy Cow! I didn't rate higher than 22 on any candidate--but it was a 3-way tie.

Anonymous said...

McCain and Thompson. I rated a 32 for McCain and 31 for Thompson.