Wednesday, February 6, 2008

$5 Million Dollars of Russian Mob Money?

Maybe, maybe not, but listen to this, then make up your own mind:

Hillary "loans" her campaign $5 million. She claims that her staff has been working without pay and her campaign is running low on funds. Okay, this seems fairly reasonable to me. I mean, her rival, Mr. Obama, is much more charismatic (read this as he is at least human), so this, combined with his recent successes in both polls and primaries is likely raking in way more funds than she.

This falls a suspiciously short period of time since her husband, Slick Willy's, foundation has finally admitted to receiving over 131 million dollars from Frank Giustra, a Canadian global entrepreneur, who accompanied him to the former Soviet state of Kazakhstan, where he and Bill had been schmoozing with Kazakh strongman, Nursultan Abishyevic Nazarbayev. Nazarbayev's election is still under scrutiny by the OSCE, and did not meet up with international standards.

If the Clintons in bed with a former First Secretary of the Kazakh Communist Party, and noted kleptocrat isn't scary enough, all of this is about Uranium. Yep. Uranium. Turns out the backwater known as Kazakhstan is the holder of the world's second largest reserves of Uranium.

So, first they are hanging out with wanted felons like Hsu, and now corrupt former Russian politicians and back-door nuclear deals. Great.

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