Thursday, February 28, 2008

Angry White Men - Spot On!

Gary Hubble at the Aspen Times has a wonderful column that addresses many concerns of America. How are the majority of the population reacting to the current political arena? Yes, I am a white male. I have lived in this country my entire life. I have ancestors that were here in the 17th century. A cousin, Mary Dyer, was hung in Boston for preaching her faith in 1660. Yes, I am an angry white male. My ancestors came to this country legally within the social norms for when they arrived. Though I am a white male, I have never owned a slave, killed an Indian, nor have tolerated such behavior. The societal preponderance of white male guilt has not reached me since it is a "postmodernist septic tank of the liberal arts"). My views seem to be an anomaly amongst many of my peers. I have reached the age where I realize that there are a finite number of sunrises that I will experience, yet I am still angry. I am angry that our country has moved so far from what our Founders envisioned and that freedom is becoming a catch-phrase for an Orwellian socialism. I vividly remember (though I saw it in black and white TV with vacuum tubes) in Kennedy's great inaugural address with the question of, "Ask not what the country can do for you, but what can you do for the country." The concept has turned to "Ask not what you need to do to be productive, but what can the country do for me!" Yes, I know that I am considered, by many, to be of a privileged "social class". Did I ask for it; demand it? No, I did not; live with it and enjoy it? Yes, it is great to be who I am. I will not apologize for who I am even though I am employed and have been married to the same person for almost forty years. If others have problems with a white male, I have only one word for them - evolve! Also, the state where I live has a wonderful firearm concealed and carry policy for angry white males.

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