Monday, February 25, 2008

I wouldn't make any plans

to use the "Northwest Passage" through the arctic icepack anytime soon. You will find an interesting article here. It would appear that the cuddly polar bears will be safe for another year.

Drowning you say? These killers can swim for more than 60 miles in the freezing ocean. If there are some drowning, its only the weak ones. Doesn't that please the little Darwinism fish sticker on your car?

Now, if you think that one article trying to debunk global warming is kinda suspect, or you are the type that thinks that any global warming "denier" is in the pocket of "Big Oil" (sheesh! I wish... c'mon Shell, I'm on your side--how about some cash!) I have a couple of things to say:

First, what are you doing here? Not that you aren't welcome, just that I wouldn't think you would like our blog :) Normally people like you are more comfortable at sites like this.

Second, here is a link to some enviro-weenie website in Canukia. It seems to support the findings of the first author. No, not the beanie one.

Enjoy. And throw another log on the fire. Gotta get that carbon back to the environment somehow, its frikkin cold outside.


Old Man said...
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Old Man said...

One word for the polar bears: evolve!

BrotherMalcolm said...

I do not seem to care... I tried....wait wait... never mind. That was a fart. anyway.

One part of me thinks it is sad that some animals go away - but then I do not see myself crying about the terradactyl. Oh well.