Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Michelle Obama/ Hanoi Jane; Kindred Spirits?

Any possible traitorous remarks or actions that may benefit the enemy, foreign or domestic, need to be called into question. Ingratitude for our country is an indication of a lack intelligence, stupidity, sense of entitlement, or lack of understanding the Constitution and it's amendments. That type of mindset could, also, be considered traitorous. Not triable as treason but, possibly, as seditious. The “Savior of Change” has a wife, a very privileged one, named Michelle. She seems to not have an understanding of what America has given to her or what America gives to the rest of the world. Hanoi Jane was from the same lifestyle and mindset. Michelle has some definite opinions on how to be appreciative of being an American. It certainly doesn't make me want to support her husband. Could this be a muted sound similar, with the same effect, as the howl that helped boot Howard Dean out of the running for the 2004 nomination? Newbusters has a very good transcript of Michele Obama’s unpatriotic remarks. Is she worthy to be the First Lady? As for most things there is an opposite. Fox News posts Cindy McCain's response that kicks ingrate a**.

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