Wednesday, February 20, 2008

McCain is Democrat enough...and white!

More than Knews….

I was taking the political temperature of the planet and (as to not be confused by global warming) I went straight to the rectum.

I, Malcolm Nostradumbass, see the following:

Hitlary will lose the Democrat nomination and after her next reelection to the senate she leaves Slick Willie.

As much as I hate to say it, America is still too racist. They will vote for “liberal light” aka McCain. He is the “lighter side of liberalism" - the kind that doesn’t hate America quite as much as the true hardcore blame America first types - thus palatable enough to the conservatives. Oh yeah, and he is white. I would love to live in an America that sees politicos policies only – not their skin color (or sex etc.), but the fact is too many people over 50 are still alive – and they are spreading their hatred to (some) of their children.

This is not to say that if both candidates were white that Osama would win. I think he is less qualified than the other 99 (98 due to the Lott vacancy) senators – he has truly done nothing and is absent on the majority of the “racy votes”. This will be exposed to an even greater extent in the general election than it is now (far too late btw) by the Clintonistas.

Point being, due to the policy differences, experience (or lack there of), and exacerbated by the fact that he is black, some of the very liberals that call the “evil conservatives” racists are the ones that will jump ship first and vote for McCain because he is “democrat enough” and more importantly - he is white.

BTW – two months ago I had an “El Rushbo” moment – I prognosticated to fellow TooMuchLiberty author, Sean G., that McCain will be the next U.S. president. I said this in an off the cuff manner as I told him that I was still pulling for Duncan Hunter first, Fred Thompson second, and Mitt Romney third…..I was not, and am not, a McCain supporter.

Sure, the horses are not even in the final stretch and no one is ripping up their betting stubs yet – but this is my Nostradumass fantasy here. Feel free to comment later if I am proven wrong.


dave said...

"...but the fact is too many people over 50 are still alive – and they are spreading their hatred to (some) of their children."

I.e. We (Americans) are only saved by our elders.

BrotherMalcolm said...

I do not feel that way. Though I would like for Osama to lose, I want it to be for reasons other than racist misgivings of ignorant people. I would like it to be because Barrack has NO experience what so ever, ZERO executive experience, and is even more liberal than Hitlary.