Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Officer Salvatore Rivieri; A Positive Father Figure

This YouTube and other media sources has the potential of going viral.

If this kid had any sort of discipline in his upbringing he would have shown respect and kept his mouth shut. If he had, he would still have his damn skateboard! The kid does deserve a boot up the ass. I count a minimum of four kids at the scene, including whoever shot the video. None of the others had a problem, showed respect for the officer, and kept their skateboards. Office Riverieri will probably have a lot of grief and the kid benefits from his stupid mindset. Riverieni deserves a promotion as acting as a surrogate parent for an undeserving child! I am wondering what this kid's lifestyle will be like in ten years after two marriages, working part-time at Dollar Tree and Goodwill stores, and trying to support three kids that he may, or may not, see on every other weekend. If children cannot understand respect for the law then anarchy by undisciplined idiots is the only result. I vote for more boots up the a**! The vast majority of the comments on this YouTube video obviously disagree with my opinion. But, IMO, they were raised by hippies and the chromosomal damage from their parents consumption of THC and LSD has wracked havoc on the simple concept of societal norms. Frank J at IMAO still has the best solution for hippies, "punch them in the face.," Tday they term "hippie" is not acceptable. The nomenclature (pc stuff) is liberal; I support the concept of a call to the parents, and a boot up the a** as well! Their parents need the same boot, probably much larger, as well!


LibertyPlease said...

Riverieni deserves a promotion as acting as a surrogate parent for an undeserving child!

Riverieni puts a minor in a headlock and demands respect for his athori-tah!, and you want to give him a promotion? This poor excuse for a public servant should be dealt with harshly.

Sean G said...

I have to agree with libertyplease... This was definitely unnecessary force on the part of the law enforcement officer. He even went so far as to threaten the child with violence for "giving attitude".

I saw The State confiscate the property of a private citizen without adequate cause.

While I am for rule of law, I am for sensible laws as well. Who were the children harming by skateboarding? Children in a public place engaging in a harmless act like skateboarding should not be subject to police interrogation, intimidation, or violence more than any other citizen.

Throughout the video, the officer demands that the children show him respect and respect to "his badge" and "his department". One thing that I learned while I served my country was that respect is earned. All you gain when you demand respect and enforce the demand with violence or punishment is fear and resentment.

To make matters worse, at the end of the video you can hear him threatening the concerned citizen video taping his actions. This is an obvious attempt by him to cover up actions he knows are inappropriate. Is it a crime to videotape a public figure performing their public duties? If so, we should be very afraid.

Abraham Lincoln once said that many men can stand adversity, but to know a man's true character, you need to give him power. Well, I believe I can see Officer Riverieri's character: I label him bully.

Sean G said...

But, my opinions must be the result of my hippie parents and the chromosomal damage from the in-utero THC/LSD, eh, Old Man? LMAO

Anonymous said...

It is kind of hard to respect someone who's screaming and demanding it. The usual result is the opposite of that. Throwing the kid in a headlock? Bullying. Demanding that they stop recording? Scary and shows that he KNOWS his behavior was not appropriate.

Being the pessimist I am, my guess is the next move will not be to make cops in Baltimore more user friendly (like actually giving directions to tourists instead of arresting them for having the audacity ask for directions), but to ban citizens recording public servants in action.

UCrawford said...


I'm sorry but you're way off here. Police should not have authority to lay hands on people unless they're arresting them or unless the person poses a clear physical threat to the officer, themselves, or others. I can understand why skateboarding is a prohibited activity (it tends to cause rather severe damage to the rails and curbs that the kids thrash on, which has to be repaired by the taxpayers) but it's not an offense punishable by a cop roughing someone up...it's punishable by the cop talking to the kid (and these were kids), issuing a warning, notifying the parents, and/or possibly a fine. That's it. That officer likely deserves to be fired for his appalling lack of judgment and his obvious problem controlling his temper and behavior while on the job. He just made the job for every good cop in the city that much more difficult.

UCrawford said...

Whoops, sorry about that LibertyPlease, my comments were meant to be directed to Old Man.

Edintally said...


I'm sure you are trying to be controversial. If not, you are old enough to know better.

Sean G said...

Well, regardless of OM's intentions with this post, this thread has set the record for comments on Too Much Liberty, already! :D

Jeremy said...

I had no idea it was the job of cops to be "surrogate parents". That explains a lot of their behavior.

Jeffrey Quick said...

I see you can't take too much liberty. Which really is the whole point of your blog name; a real lover of liberty can't conceive of there being too much of it.

William Pekoc said...

The problem with officer Rivieri is a simple one: he has failed because society has decided to give him tasks outside of his competency. Police exist to arrest criminals, people who are traditionally dangerous and willing to harm others for personal gain. As a result police need to be aggressive. That aggression is justified by the fact that it is directed against those who are infringing upon the rights of others.

Unfortunately, we now have police being directed at non-violent offenders. These kids were skateboarding in an area where skateboarding isn't allowed. They weren't hurting anyone, destroying property, or otherwise being a menace to society. We know this because they weren't arrested. So you have officer Rivieri being tasked with enforcing the rule against skateboarding, but his experience and training is not geared towards dealing with nonviolent offenders. Indeed, his entire job revolves around the use of force in order to ensure compliance. So what does he do? Exactly what he knows how to do. His reactions would have been perfectly reasonable if he had just stopped a mugging or if these kids were wanted for rape, but in the context of a non-violent crime he was grossly out of line.

Now you can argue that the kids were being assholes, and I'm inclined to assume that they were. Sure, they were probably disrespectful. They probably treated officer Rivieri like a piece of crap and ignored his orders. They probably even knew they weren't supposed to be skateboarding where they were. But the job of police officer demands that one be able to maintain some semblance of control. Police are given extraordinary power in order to protect citizens, but it seems officer Rivieri's biggest beef was that these kids didn't respect him enough. Thats being a dick, not a criminal. If he can't make that distinction he shouldn't draw a paycheck.

On a related note, it doesn't matter what happened before or after taping, nor does it matter who was in the right and who was in the wrong. Those kids on the skateboards will always think of cops as assholes, will always have a basic disrespect for police as a result of officer Rivieri's unprofessional behavior. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of people who see that video will have their stereotypes regarding police confirmed, and officers nationwide will suffer yet another small loss of esteem. And they'll respond with less respect when they encounter officers, as will their children. Thats what officer Rivieri did when he lost control of his emotions because a 14 year old bruised his ego.

Gene Callahan said...

"If this kid had any sort of discipline in his upbringing he would have shown respect and kept his mouth shut."

And when an officer tells you to turn in the Jews in your neighborhood, show respect and turn them in.

John said...

Baltimore's Biggest Bully's SECOND VIDEO....kicking some guys toy.


How many more will come forth with video of this bully?

Anonymous said...

Hey Old Man, are you off your rocker. THC and LSD can not physically manipulate genes within the human body, there are mind psychedelic drugs first off, 2nd they are perfectly safe. I don't know if your away of this but the good ole United States Constitution was written on Hemp paper and George Washington ordered farmers to grow hemp. Also LSD was created in a lab in the 50's a very safe drug in small quantities tested and made by you guess it, the United States Government. And what is the social norm to you, a god fearing, bible humping Christan, who watches football and goes to church. Hate to break it to you but there is no social norm anymore, everyone is there own person with there own mind and spirit and not brain washed by the corporate machine such as you. This Cop needs to be fired he is a disgrace to the uniform and the badge, I don't even think he should be a security guard .

Neck Deep said...

Well he got caught again. This time loosing his nut over a 'street artist.' This cunt of an officer obviously cannot think or act rationally and thrives on escalating minor confrontations. I'm surprised the rest of his department didn't see any warning signs of his lunacy. Or perhaps, it is because this type of behavior is OK in the police force. If his goal is to move on skateboarders and street artists, there are far easier ways to do it. But diplomacy is obviously something he was never trained in. And this is why authority must always be questioned.

Anonymous said...

Your commentary is just as ignorant as Salvatore Rivieri.

BrotherMalcolm said...

Yeah, Old Man... You are old and crazy! I do not agree with what your wrote so you MUST be ignorant and stupid. (yuk yuk)

(shakes head)

I cannot buy into some of what you wrote, as I have been on both sides of the law. Unfortunately it appears (stereotype moment) that law enforment attracks a sizable number of people who were beat up and made fun of as kids. Since they recieved no respect throughout life they thought a badge would mean they could demand it. Certainly a broad sweeping statement - and it doesnt apply to all (i.e. my brother who is on a waiting list to be a statie in AZ) - but it seems there are more in people like that in this line of work than in others.

Anonymous said...

I don't know when it happened, but cops in this country are out of control. And since 9-11 many of them live under the self-righteous delusion that they are the tip of the spear in the war on 'terra.' And for what? Are we more protected against crime? Hell, no! Instead, we're denied the basic inalienable right to defend ourselves! Anyone who can justify this man's behavior is a sucker who deserves every bit of suffering they'll endure as this country slowly creeps toward socialist authoritarianism.

Those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither.

That cop should be hanged from a new liberty tree.

Anonymous said...

If I were this kid's mother I would drag him to the police station and make him apologize #1 for his complete lack of regrad for the posted sign "no skateboarding" and #2 for being an embarrassment to the family by being so disrespectful to an adult - and a police officer, no less.

I am shocked and saddened by the voices out there who believe the "child" was "abused". He is a "young man" who is supposed to be on the verge of becomming a productive member of society. I hope my daughter never comes across a "young man" of this nature. It would be an interesting sociological experiment to track this guys life for the next 10 years to see if his current attitude ends up working for him? The officer is right...he had better learn how to talk or he will end up dead - or at least with a good beating because he mouths off to the wrong person.

Our society is falling apart...no respect for anyone anymore. Kids look at adults as "friends". A healthy fear/respect of authority is lacking in our culture. What were these kids doing skate boarding in a that location in the first place? They could have hurt someone - maybe a small child - by their choice in skateboarding venue. Maybe next summer they could choose to mow some lawns or do work for an elderly neighbor or single mom...earn some money through hard work or volunteer! Learn discipline. Learn respect.

Anonymous said...

old man ... your views are too old. Do you have any grand kids ...or great grand kids? That could have been them being harassed.

even your cops mimic your gov.

Neils said...

Old man, your screenname is perfect and gives me hope for the future.

Anonymous said...

He is pathetic! Shouting on a kid asking respect. This guy probably became cop to feel in power and respected, he could have been a soldier for that but he have no balls, or have a high responsibility job but do not have the brain for that.

Anonymous said...

LibertyPlease, if that's fatherly behavior on Gestapo Rivieri's part, then I feel sorry for YOUR kids. If you treat YOUR kids that way, don't be surprised if they grow up to be alcoholics or commit suicide by the age of thirty. So what if he said, 'dude'? It's a little informal but not HALF as disrespectful as idiots like YOU make it out to be. The kid wasn't in BOOT CAMP for fuck sake. He's not required to stand at attention, scream, "Yes, sir" and spit shine the officer's shoes for him.

Anonymous said...

'He'd better learn how to speak or he'll end up dead, or at least with a good beating if he mouths off to the wrong person'. I can understand ending up dead or getting a good beating if he screamed the N word at the top of his lungs in a black neighborhood. But a good beating or death from using the word 'dude' 3 or 4 times? Give me a fucking break!

Anonymous said...

Well you americans did it again, again you have shown the world that you are only a bunch of COWBOYS, only on this earth to abuse others,stealing from other countrys, thinking you are greater than god, but you are only a bunch of trigger happy, fat stupid big balloons witch no brains etc...Sorry, that is the picture you are showing us time after time, but that amuses us peoples from overseas a lot, thank you so we can laught at you

Anonymous said...

Old Man, it's no wonder your country is such a farce today if you represent the average monkey-man that comes out of the other side of the military-industrial complex. He's just a kid that's hurting no one, he's doing what kids do; playing. Obviously the cops in Baltimore have nothing better to do than pick at their asses and intimidate the shit out of people entering puberty. Pity, I'm sure they could be doing something important like... I don't know... catching people breaking a law that MATTERS?

Pull your tiny head out of your gaping asshole, please.

Anonymous said...

Police like this guy could use some stress counseling or early retirement. This officer was way out of line. It's alarming when public officials abuse their authority or exceed the scope of their powers and are not harshly diciplined for it. While this example of police brutality was not so serious, it shouldn't be tolerated. Once a civil liberty is surrendered, it is next to impossible to get it back. Laws are rarely repealed and legislature is not in the business of passing laws to extend our freedoms. Until legislature enacts etiquette laws, police should stick to catching criminals.

Kid With Sense said...

i am 15 years old and i toatally think Officer Rivieri did the right thing. at my skool lots of kids think its "Kool" to disrespect when its not it just shows how stupid u r. the other kids around the skateboarder did the right thing and nothing happened to them. so the idiot who disrespected the cop was too stupid to see the simple equation. keep your mouth shut + show respect= no trouble and nice cop. call me crazi but i am just telling the truth and once more i am 15 and in 10th grade so there are some teenagers in world who arent dumbbuts and ill-conceived and who know the meaning of respect.

JAB_au said...

While the Kidd was probably being annoying shit, that's no excuse for the threat of violence. Salvatore Rivieri should not be a police officer given his history of Bully Boy behaviour. He does nothing but bring disrespect on other good police officers.

Anonymous said...

After reading the author's post, I am so glad I don't live in America. Ready to give up your rights and have your children assaulted by the police. Some country!

Cilia Flagellum said...

It *is* actually really dangerous to call someone "dude". Some have killed men with their bare hands after being called dude. "I heard the word dude and I became unglued," relates Tommy Christ, after being released from the psycho ward, "Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch And put my hands around his neck, and I squeezed ..."

I'm glad this video was so widely disseminated so that kids who weren't around in 1990 can be aware of the danger of calling someone dude.

And of course, "dude" is not the proper term for Officer Rivieri; it's "douche".

Bobovdeath said...

this stupid fatass jerk in a bumblebee uniform was IMMEDIATELY hostile,rude and disrespectful to those kids. fuck his pig ass. he should learn that you have to EARN respect,not just because you have a cheap hunk of tin stuck to your fat chest. i wish the other kids would have nailed his fat ass in the face with their skateboards and killed him. it would have done the world a favor. as you can see in the second video,this waste of flesh is just a fucking hostile piece of shit dickhead. i honestly,sincerely hope that he gets killed in the line of duty by a crackhead,or catches aids and suffers slowly the rest of his worthless life. scumbags like this are whats wrong with the world. fuck salvatore rivieri in the face.

Anonymous said...

dude...like the what the heck dude that rivieri dude hes like so totaly used like police brutality dude!!! seriously though he acted way out of line. he used police brutality and he was yelling at the kid just for calling him dude. he deserves to get fired and not a freaking promotion

bandit4078 said...

Old Man ur just a racist ignorant piece of shit. Lets see how u like it when a cop beats ur ass and say our country has too much liberty. This is why i dont respect old people, some can be nice, but most are moronic shit heads like you! If u really believe in what u post i hope u spend the rest of ur short remaining days in ur own filth in the fucking nursing home.

Anonymous said...

Libertyplease, you ever grab one of my kids around the throat, and I'll rip your fucking head off.
Rivieri, just because of what you are, I'll fucking castrate you.
That'll calm you down, you sick fuck.

Kid With Sense - you don't get it, but you should. It was ASSAULT. Rivieri not only assaulted him, at three times his size, -then made a thinly veiled death threat. Very thinly veiled. You obviously haven't seen the other video of Rivieri kicking someones RC Model, out of the blue. Destruction of property, for no reason other than his violent angry temperament, if it can be given a name. He's suspended now. So how in Christ's name do you support what he did?
Oh yeah, remember Rivieri yelling at the boy to shut up, because the boy said; "I don;t have a father"
If idiot Rivieri was listening, and used his brain, he could have made some sympathetic connections there. The boy doesn't have a father to hang with, play catch, nothing. But like I was getting at - if I were his father, I would have slammed Rivieri's head into the cement, and I'm much more than able to do it, easily. I would make him eat his own medicine. I grew up being bullied, and I recognised him for what he was the moment he appeared at the beginning of the video. Watch this clip on Youtube - Copy/paste this;
Now, do you still totally think he's doing the right thing?
Listen to me, Kidwithsense, this guy is dangerous. No exaggeration.
He should be LOCKED UP.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog posting.
I know Sal personally and finally someone who gets it.

local business owners miss him already and are petitioning for him to come back. He is an upstanding guy, it just was bad the way it turned out when he grabbed the skateboard and the kid was resisting.

Anonymous said...

Resisting what? The aggressive and illegal abuse of authority by a police officer? A person has a legal right to resist a police officer if the officer is not acting within the limits of his legal authority. Clearly, no policy exists that allows for such behavior, as evidenced by his suspension. Further, it was Rivieri himself who built up the situation, put the kid in a position where he has to defend himself and then brings it to a head by accosting him. Anyone with any sense of self-preservation would resist in this situation. He wasn't being arrested or apprehended, he was being harassed. No law exists that prevents someone from resisting harassment.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at everyone for saying this kid is "going nowhere" and predicting where his life will be at.

This kid obviously has enough confidence not to back down from something he knows is obviously wrong, and to stand up for himself...
that's a bad thing now?
(rosa parks should have just shut her mouth and sat in the back of the bus)
He obviously has enough interpersonal skills to make friends ( again, a bad thing)
Ya, confidence, and people skills two things that show he is going nowhere in life, but oddly enough the 2 things rivieri is lacking...

Anonymous said...

The Video is ridiculous;
anyone supporting the officer is crazy. You can't just go around listening to every authority, history has shown us what happens when you do. Also if you haven't noticed, some of the Most celebrated americans are those who stood up to unjust laws ( including the founding fathers)

Like a guy above me said "those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither" Isn't that a jefferson quote?

The cop could have just walked up and said
"sorry guys,
no skateboarding allowed here,
it's a tourist area"


"Hey guys, skateboarding isn't allowed here, get out of here or I'll have to write you a citation"

I'm going to assume that being threatened with a ticket, the kids are probably going to leave; if not write them a citation.

The kid obviously meant no disrespect when he said dude, it's a slang word, the way young people talk.

The cop was WAY over aggressive, and you just can't go around treating people like that.

And Furthermore, because of his actions other police officers around the country will lose respect.

I guess I understand, like what someone earlier said, he acts like this because there are some situations when it calls for the police to be agressive; but a kid skating in a park is not one of those times.

Anonymous said...

ummm lets see i work in law enforcement for the military and after seeing this is think that the "officer" if he can really be called that because he did not seem professional at all if out of line and damn out of his mind that is what we call in my career feel excessive use of force especially to a minor come on now yes manners and upbringing come into play but if we don't smack our kids who is this guy to put them into a choke hold and slam the kid to the ground in my opinion "officer" i'm pissed at the world should not even be getting a paycheck during this time of investigation well for those of you who are for him i guess you don't have kids and if you do would you want someone like him laying his hands on your kids? sorry for the poor grammar and punctuations but i'm tired and in iraq right now just wanted to say my piece

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people quote the "founding fathers" like they were Moses of the Israelites, but your Jefferson banner quote about having too much liberty is ridiculous.
I virtually guarantee you that Jefferson being a slave-owner would have had a much harder time saddling his African serving wenches if there were an excess of liberty.
The weak are preyed on by the strong. Is this what you advocate? Because that's what I see in the officer's behavior. And if you wish to cling to the words of the first Americans, bear in mind the state of hypocrisy they lived and from which hopefully we are moving away from...
My father was a Navy vet and an MP during the Korean War, and I assure you he would have found this man's behavior cowardly and un-American.

A nation for the people and by the people. Not one in which some fat slob can intimidate anyone he chooses and draw a paycheck at my expense.
I'll be watching this case very closely and hope that one way or another the people get satisfaction...

Skol said...

This is yet another case of Americans thinking they are above the law. He had the authority and the legal mechanism to chastise this kid in an appropriate manner if he considered it to be due and deserved, we usually leave these on the fly decisions to the officer and trust his judgment. Yeah well, a case of true colors here. This happened on film, like Rodney King, like countless others that get ignored or thrown out of court.How long must these people be given positions of power. George Bush(both) should have been a cop, then perhaps he wouldn't have been president and the world would still have respect for the US.
Old Man, i hope you are the next to be pepper sprayed for jaywalking, then justice will be served you fascist cretin.

Anonymous said...

I think any man who calls himself a man by holding a badge is an insecure idiot.
Especially assaulting a 14 year old child, see boys and girls? this is why I hate the Empire.

Grumpy Fish said...

Let's put this in a whole other context. If you played this video o a bunch of police instructors and asked them if it was an example of a cop effectively doing his job or a cop out of control...what do you think they would say?

Anonymous said...

This cop is a total douchebag.
Anyone who champions this kind of totalitarian behavior ought to have their Rush Limbaugh warped head examined.
Real tough, picking on some fourteen year old kids. The streets are now safer, thanks to his fits of rage, assault on minors, and childish kicking of remote control cars. Officer Rivieri deserves absolutely no respect, as he is demonstrably a complete sack of shit.

OmegaWolf747 said...

How is skateboarding any worse than riding a bicycle? I've never heard of cops telling bicyclists that they weren't allowed to ride. Why is it alright to do it to skateboarders?

Neil said...

There is a link to Ann Coulters page under the heading "Reasonable News"

That says all I need to know about how much you value liberty.

No wonder you support this psycho cop.

Anonymous said...

Rivieri is a fat insecure wimp.

Anonymous said...

He should be put down like the rabid dog he is.

Anonymous said...

first off i am 18 years old and i have been skateboarding professionally since i was 11 and i have FIRST HAND experienced much of this police brutality rite in front of my face. its rediculous that these fat fucks thing they deserve so much respect just because they wear a nice shiny badge. cops automatically ASSUME that skateboarders today are all the "street rat, uneducated, vandal, punks" that skateboarding BACK IN THE DAY has givin the label today. ok yes back then skateboarders broke stuff and spray painted and talked back to cops, but those wernt REAL SKATEBOARDERS. those were the kids that THOUGHT it was "cool" to ride a skateboard so they did, but it just happened to be all the bad kids that did it. today, skateboarding is one of the biggest most rapidly expanding sports of this time. REAL skateboarders arent out to knock old ladies down, or spray paint on walls or give cops shit for no reason? THEY WANT TO FUCKING SKATEBOARD! they WANT to make something of their lives and make a LIVING off skateboarding. thats why they are out there skating on properties, trying to make themselves better so they dont have to be like all you poor fucks who work a 9-5 job and do the same thing EVERY-FUCKING-DAY! its not OUR faults that the cops come up to us and intitially WANT us to argue abck so that they can cuff us and fill their damn quota. we are simply trying to do what makes us happy and try to make our future the way that WE WANT IT! ive been skateboarding for 6 years now and guess what. just for me "riding a piece of wood with wheels" im gitting signed onto a $978,000 yearly contract onto ELEMENT ans an AMETURE RIDER. so any of you people out there who think skateboarders are "nothing?" EAT MY FUCK!

Don said...

To really put this into context you have to see the video interviews of the authorities commenting on what they observed in the video.

They excuse the officers actions stating he used reasonable force.
It is this official predeliction that is the problem.
While Rivieri may have been thrown to the dogs, it was clearly a PR move and not representative of officialdom. There is a serious disconnect between the layers of society. Assuming some kind of homegeneity is naive.
Cops are trained to operate in certain ways. Good cops effectively dissect that training and apply the parts appropriately. To comdemn such behaviour the superiors know they would create dissension and confusion. Notice the lack of comments by other police? They don't dare challenge this mindset. They would be crucified by the 'thin blue line'. Their partners would refuse to ride with them. There would be widespread fear among the ranks that they had crossed the line.

Unfortunately this seems to be another part of the moral decay and social desolation unfolding in the world. There are no simple answers, at least none that the majority would agree on. This is the plight of democracy.

Alcoholics Anonymous has a tradition which states "each group ought to be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or AA as a whole". This serves to preserve unity in the fellowship and establish a balance between individual freedom and group co-hesiveness.

Rivieri obviously feels so threatened by social changes that appear to undermine his way of life that he is desparately flailing. His loss of control is symptomatic. He is filled with fear and has lost all all sense of internal boundaries. His superiors and peers should help him by condemning the behaviours and attitudes and offering effective remedies which if he refuses should result in his removal from active street duty.

The people who blithely support his videoed actions feels as he does. They expect the police to not only keep the peace, but to maintain their concept of liberty.
That is not only illogical, but it is impossible.

Liberty only works when such a principle is upheld by consensus not enforcement. Self enlightened self-interest is the real answer.

Anonymous said...


Really old man? This pig was a hot head

HoleInOneGuy said...

This supposed human being "Sal" needs some psychotherapy and some good nerve calming drugs. Obviously the kid is a typical moronic teenybaby, BUT he was not in any way deserving of the abuse he was dealt. NO professional Officer would agree Sal acted correctly OR professionally. Sal not only deserves to be fired, but locked up for assault. I have no respect for any unwarranted authority.

Reno Kertcheval said...

"I am wondering what this kid's lifestyle will be like in ten years after two marriages, working part-time at Dollar Tree and Goodwill stores, and trying to support three kids that he may, or may not, see on every other weekend. If children cannot understand respect for the law then anarchy by undisciplined idiots is the only result. I vote for more boots up the a**!"

Age obviously does not always equal wisdom. I'm sorry Old Man but you are just an old fucking idiotic bastard if you think that a kid with a board isn't going anywhere and is the result of damaged parents. I am a 20 year old university student with a scholarship, I have been skating for 12 years and family is definetly not damged. My parents taught me to give respect to those who deserve it not demand it, that includes cops, adults, and anyone else. My parents have also been proud of what skating has done for me it has helped me keep focus and kept me away from drugs, alcohol and even ciggarets, I'm straight edged and healthy because my role models (skaters, surfers, and snowboarders)are. My mom was even hoping for me to go into a career that involved boarding because it's one of my passions, but I chose to go into school to study anthropology. So if I sound damged to you in anyway, I think you may be going fucking senile.

Anonymous said...

This posting disturbs me on a serious, serious level. The fact that there are people out there who are actually trying to justify the actions of this officer blows my mind.

"Riverieni deserves a promotion as acting as a surrogate parent for an undeserving child!"

This is probably the funniest yet saddest quote from your post. How do you figure the kid was being disobedient in any way?! Excuse me but the last time I checked the police aren't in any way shape or form deity's of any kind, and I DAMN sure will never treat them as God's . Does this kid not have any rights to be exercised? Apparently you think not! He's human just like you!!! He bleeds!! What right did the cope have have to head lock him!!!? NONE!

People of the law have this crazy idea that they have a divine right to treat people how they please. (Usually with hostility and disrespect today) What makes this dude think he is so superior to others where he can tell them they'll die if they don't comply??!!!! Are you serious? There is no true independence in this police state we live in today. They would rather have us live in fear!

To those who are trying to defend this Rivieri dude! I truly feel bad for you because they have got you exactly where they want you... Bound and in chains. This government has severely brainwashed the police to a level where they walk around with this "US" versus "Them"..Inferior versus Superior attitude... When it really balls down to the elites versus the masses.

I'm starting to feel like i'm living in George Orwell's 1984 each day.