Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Officer Salvatore Rivieri: Update

I’ve been on vacation for the past week and had no access to the internet. It was a vacation, after all. I’m sorry that I missed all of the timely input to my post about Rivieri. It was much appreciated and I take no offense to what was posted. Yes, I am an old man and I may be somewhat senile. Any chromosomal damage that I may have passed on was not because of drug use because experimental, infinitesimal, use years prior to conception has never been shown to have an impact. One thing I did in my declining years was to go back to school and earn a couple of degrees. One class that I had a lot of fun in was Advanced English Composition. My favorite assignments were to argue for the opposite of a common belief (i.e. “Why paparazzi were needed by Princess Diane.”). Actually, LibertyPlease sums up my actual beliefs quit clearly. All I can say, at this point, is that my English Comp professor is proud of me! GOTTCHA!!!

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