Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Barrack "I have a Bridge to Sell You" Obama's Speech. (AKA Milli Vanilli)

Buttery tongued fluff....nothing of substance. Essentially, do not blame me for my hate monger pastor - I love him - because my white granny (and please do not notice that the only people who stuck around to raise me were white) hated blacks too. Poor me. Victim hood and the race card all at once by the very candidate, who does not wish to make a race an issue, just thrust it to the forefront. Hurray.

This guy puts the worst crap across in the smoothest possible way.

I once read that the art of diplomacy is the ability to tell another to go to hell in such a way that you actually make them look forward to the trip.

Osama will try to further socialize America - and due to his impressive gift as an orator - people are swooning over the chance to let him do it. Our society is so pathetically enamored with the Hollyweird mystique that they forget to look for substance - appearance matters most. That is why manufactured boy-bands and lil’ tween hotties produced in the sound studio can out sell many of those with talent.

OH MY GOD! I just realized. Barrack Obama is Milli Vanilli!

Girl You Know Its True!

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Sean G said...

I think it is true, too.

He does seem to fill a gap in American Politics: The Great Orator.

This was once an essential skill for a politician to have. Where has it gone?

Killed by sound bites, I think. But more importantly, why can't the Republicans produce one?