Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Barrack "The Media Is My Bitch" Obama

Nicko McDave over at Oligarchy has some interesting observations regarding Barrack Obama and the media.

Any way you look at this, this election cycle is a win-win for the Dems. One one hand they could have an African-American candidate, on the other hand, a woman. And it would appear that the opposite is a likely V.P.

And the MSM, the orgy of self-adulation that it is, can't stop congratulating itself for their good fortune. In their glee, Obama can do no wrong. I would bet that he could get boozed up, load an SUV with hookers and run over a 4 yr. old in a crosswalk before crashing into a bus of nuns and the media would write it up as: "Obama Victory Party Gets Wild", and spend more time talking about how some boozed up co-eds fainted in his mere presence.

The cult of personality being built around this guy makes me ill.

Of course, I can't stand Hillary "I am Satan Incarnate" Clinton either.

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