Monday, March 3, 2008

California Needs More Bridges!

Read this article:

In conclusion – what California needs are more bridges - San Francisco in particular.

In fact, please build more bridges like this in NYC as well. Among the very tenants of our forefathers were the warnings against over extending the powers of the very government which they were creating. Government is (was) not intended to protect us from ourselves. Government should only protect us from other people, foreign governments, and to some extend (more recently though often appropriately) from gross negligence of corporations.

Building “robust barriers” to prevent suicides will be a misuse of government funds which will only serve to prevent someone from doing something that may actually benefit society.

Liberals hypocrisy toward death and killing has no bounds and ultimately really confuses me.

Let’s recap: people should be able to kill themselves (ala Kevorkian), we shouldn't kill those who threaten us (home invaders etc.), police shouldn't kill people who threaten them, we shouldn't kill our enemies too badly or efficiently (war), we shouldn't’t kill convicted criminals, we should be able to kill babies on demand (like Comcast cable!), but we must not let people throw themselves from bridges….

In my opinion, the real travesty is that, according to the article, the death rate of the approximately 1300 people who have jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge is ONLY 98%. I propose not only more bridges for California but more lethal ones – it is their right to die and we should not infringe upon such rights. After all, the “pursuit of happiness” is protected. San Franciscans….happiness is at the bottom of the San Francisco Bay. Trust me…go look!

Serious Side: I am a light hearted wise a** and LOVE to poke fun at libs - but suicide is serious and affects many people. I have lost friends and people near to me for various reasons throughout life to suicide.
1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-784-2433) or (1-800-273-8255) if you are someone you know is or has thought about suicide. Or visit

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Old Man said...

Liberals do seem to like killing innocents. Which of the political parties is always pushing for abortion? The liberals are killing off their voters before they are even born. At the rate that abortions are being performed, it will only be another generation or two before the liberals have any form of voting base. Though the Romans practiced abortion, they also practiced infanticide. May be some of the liberals would support this for of retroactive abortion technique.