Saturday, March 29, 2008

How Modern Liberals "Think"

This is a long video, but well worth the watch...


BrotherMalcolm said...

Not long enough in my opinion!

Wow, great monolog....It was like listening to all my thoughts, put more eloquently, than I would have.

I was not an am not a true WAR diehard – solely because I knew it was a potential political hot potato and that the liberals in the US and around the world would not let us win. We could not (and are not) fighting in a manner that is conducive to winning a war. Further, the liberals would sell the war as a failure once the first shot was fired and use it to unseat conservatives. The day we invaded I was shaking my head – knowing we could “win” handedly but would not. Did Iraq and Saddam deserve it….yes. Break a sanction get invaded in my mind; but equally, if you invade then invade to win.

My father once yelled at me for turning a guy around, telling him my purpose, and then fighting him (reason unimportant for now).

He never mentioned my suspension from school. He told me I could have been hurt badly. Further, if I go about getting into fight as if I were a proper noble gentleman then I would certainly end up getting whooped like one someday - by some “rough n’ tumble” sort.

He went on to say – if you had a purpose, and if it were valid, then bludgeon the bastard as he stands. Some will come back at you later on - if they’ve any self worth anyway. He may very well NOT give you the same courtesy. So it turns out you might as well just have thrashed him as he stood to the point were he figures, you are ruthless, and may not find value in coming back at you. Thus is the mentality of a scrappy lad who grew up in South London and didn’t always come out the better in every scrap he entered. I wish our good people, our press, and our “leaders” thought more like my dad.

Wow – big digression….but I loved the video, Sean.

Old Man said...

Loved the video. A comment at YouTube on the video addressed the imperialistic mindset of the US invading a country to get their oil. Phobosofmars stated; Wouldn't it make better sense to just take Mexico's oil? It would be easy to do so; a Navy Battle Group in the Pacific and one in the Gulf of Mexico to prevent any export of oil, prohibit any tourism to Mexico, and send back all illegal aliens. Once Mexico goes into total economic collapse because all major sources of income have ended, offer them annexation as the 51st State. Then we have their oil and no illegal aliens. Yeah, it's simplistic, but so is Occams Razor.