Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Real American Hero

During the 25th of April, 2007, 19 year-old Army Specialist Monica Lin Brown, and army medic, was traveling with the 473rd through the Afghanistani province of Paktia in a four vehicle convoy when the fourth vehicle was hit by an IED. The rest of the convoy began receiving small arms fire.

Spc. Brown defied both mortar and small arms fire, shielding the bodies of her wounded comrades with her own while assessing and stabilizing their condition.

Then, while still under fire, helped drag 5 wounded soldiers to safety--over 100 yards away, treated them, then successfully loaded them aboard a helicopter for evacuation, saving her comrades.

She has been selected to receive the Silver Star. She is only the second woman to receive this distinguished award since WWII.

We at Too Much Liberty salute you and thank you for your gallant service. We are humbled and honored that you are defending our country.

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