Monday, April 7, 2008

Dr. Condoleezza Rice For VP?

Dr. Rice for VP? I'm not of the opinion that that would be McCain's best choice.

There is plenty of talk about her jockeying for that position, but I think the GOP's best bet would be Romney: He has already campaigned, and would shore up all kinds of voters for McCain.

On the other hand, she would be a great sop to those one-issue voters: She is both a minority AND a woman. Hell, if they had chosen her to run for President, Obama wouldn't stand a chance :)

Not that she isn't qualified in her own right--As a professor of political science, a former head of the NSA, having served as Soviet and East European Affairs Advisor during the collapse of the Soviet Union, speaking several foreign languages, and is the current Secretary of State (a job a tad more important than freshman Senator, I may add) she is arguably more qualified a candidate for President than anyone currently in the running!!!

And unlike Obama and his fairly sheltered lifestyle, Dr. Rice has actually experienced being an black in America. Hell, the whole reason she is a Republican, aside from her dislike of President Jimmy "I'm scared of bunnies" Carter is that her father was denied voter registration by a Democratic voter registrar.

Keep in mind, people, it was the Republicans that freed the slaves--not that it wasn't an evil institution anyhow--just sayin'

So, while I think McCain's best choice to shore up his Republican ticket would be Romney, Dr. Rice would be more than an acceptable candidate, and in my opinion, possibly a better Vice President.

What do you think?

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Condi for V.P.! said...

I don't think she's the ideal VP choice substantively, but I think she'll help McCain immensely with single-issue voters.