Monday, April 14, 2008

Global Warming Update

This just in about global warming:

Apparently, someone noticed that spring was coming late this year. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you Old Man?

For your info, good readers, he was without power for a day this weekend, and buried in his house with snow.

Sigh. It just seems so obvious to me that the earth (if you refer to the earth as Gaia, I recommend you go here.) goes through natural cycles of heating and cooling. I mean, I remember learning in school, back when they taught things in school and didn't arrest 6 year-olds for slapping a girl's behind on the playground (how many of you would be sex offenders now, I wonder?) that the earth was once ruled by dinosaurs and they ran amok in world filled with jungle. Then there was some Ice Age, where my home town was buried under a mile or so of ice for a few thousand years, then, a global spring. Here we are, at the end of spring, I would imagine.

Of course, after this past winter, maybe we are closer to a global autumn? Sure was chilly. Anyhow, I digress from my digression.

About those $#(@)(&$ public schools. I live in Pennsylvania, now, having moved here after my time in the navy. It seems that every other week the Teachers are on strike. They always seem to be striking for more pay. The problem I have with this is not paying teachers a fair wage, but a desire to see a greater return for my money.

Public education certainly isn't putting out a better product now that they were in my youth. To the contrary, I would say. For that matter, I think I got short-shrift during the public education I was subjected to: I came across some old school books that belonged to my grandfather, not long ago, who grew up in The Great Depression (call me when our recession gets there, fellas, THEN I will worry about recession), and became a teacher. I can tell you that kids today get out of high school with rough education of a 4th grader of my grandfather's day, if his margin notes and texts are any indication.

Anyhow, Happy Monday to you. Had to get that rant off my chest.

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